Correct spelling for ACCELLERATE

We think the word accellerate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accellerate

  • accelerate I employ numerical statements simply as a means of aiding the imagination to form a general and certainly not extravagant idea of the extent of geographical revolutions which man has done much to accelerate, if not, strictly speaking, to produce.
  • accelerated The host, with a sudden gesture, tore off his mask and the Burglar accelerated his pace.
  • accelerator I'm going to make better time," and he yanked over the lever of the accelerator, sending the Falcon ahead at a rapid rate.
  • accelerates The traveller by automobile doesn't resort to alcoholic drinks to put, or keep, him in a good humour, and, when he sees a lumbering van or family cart making its way for many miles from one widely separated region to another, he accelerates his own motive power and leaves the good old ways of the good old days as far behind as he can, and recalls the words of Sidney Smith: "The good of other times let others state, I think it lucky I was born so late."

228 words made from the letters accellerate

3 letter words made from accellerate:

cer, ala, are, lea, ear, tlc, let, ate, tee, ert, alt, ect, aar, eel, lac, lee, aec, eec, ara, car, ace, ell, ret, cat, crt, ale, rat, tea, era, ecc, tec, eta, act, tar, eat, ler, art, arc, ter, etc, all, lat.

4 letter words made from accellerate:

5 letter words made from accellerate:

acela, calla, ceral, etree, crall, reaal, alter, teare, elect, cater, alate, areal, arete, cleal, catla, atall, crate, reale, artel, eletr, cerae, leete, cleat, acree, caere, trela, laeta, tarle, carat, later, earll, creal, arale, aceae, letal, latae, cerat, ratae, craal, ertel, tarea, certa, ertle, talca, lecca, artec, calta, crace, caret, accra, teele, clert, clear, ellac, reate, llera, celer, recce, lecce, altar, taler, carll, talla, aclac, leale, acral, areca, lacet, telae, ratel, ellet, clere, eclat, arcee, alert, ercel, elate, leare, celal, leear, eater, acter, altra, ralte, reata, ratal, alcea, claar, carte, allar, lacer, alere, areel, creel, ecall, craca, cecal, crete, actel, teera, letea, alete, tacca, letra, erect, allee, arcae, ratee, talel, trace, retal, recta, elara, atler, creta, allat, terce, reell, telle, arcel, celle, react, artal, leral, crece, trece.

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