Correct spelling for ACCELLERATES

We think the word accellerates is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accellerates

  • accelerate He has read with deep satisfaction the report of the above Conference which you had sent, and indeed trusts that the decision and plans that have been adopted will, through their faithful application in the course of this year, serve to greatly accelerate the expansion of the teaching work throughout the British Isles....
  • accelerated Suppose that fatal disease, with which she had sailed, had been accelerated by hardships, and Providence permitted him only to receive her last sigh.
  • accelerator He trod on the accelerator.
  • accelerates Then, again, its speed accelerates at the rate of 32.16 feet a second, until on striking the earth it has attained the velocity at which it left the muzzle of the rifle, less loss due to friction.
  • accelerators Otherwise called a knock-on electron, the term "delta ray" is also used in high energy physics to describe single electrons in particle accelerators that are exhibiting characteristic deceleration.

445 words made from the letters accellerates

5 letter words made from accellerates:

ertel, reces, allee, stele, leale, clast, seree, secta, aeras, allat, tells, larsa, elect, selce, ecall, alere, sarac, cecal, cesca, stare, setal, leres, scrae, lease, searl, steer, arcae, reset, easle, ratae, seaer, ecast, staal, celle, cares, teera, lasta, altar, eales, arsal, reest, talcs, eclat, stala, cerat, carte, sleet, taels, tears, racas, eater, tesla, letra, alces, tarle, scale, later, cleal, selar, leral, astle, ratel, raste, stall, lecca, clats, ascra, earll, leste, esler, craca, teers, altra, reale, tarea, crace, leets, alter, selee, csere, clear, leser, ceres, raese, reast, acres, selle, react, salet, laeta, artal, seret, tasca, taler, aerts, erase, creel, erste, carts, creta, trese, reata, caere, elara, clert, leest, clase, sacer, stael, accra, elers, staar, terce, trace, ertle, ratee, arcel, trela, stela, areal, sacra, caret, ellac, atlas, taesa, leats, carat, cesta, eletr, saale, teras, estle, salal, saler, artec, steel, reste, latae, strae, recta, eells, sarla, salat, allar, arale, lecce, atler, retal, reals, seral, retes, acter, leers, calla, saare, clere, seale, laser, ellas, slate, steal, acela, seert, aceae, craal, scarl, celer, rates, aelst, leete, cease, telae, atsea, llera, ratas, acral, tares, serle, aseel, trece, talls, sarel, teare, certa, tacca, ercel, scree, ralte, tease, talel, esala, telle, terse, aalst, ester, arcee, alers, teres, aseal, atall, alete, lacet, sceat, acree, teele, reate, celts, cater, sater, easer, talca, teals, areel, altas, tasar, elate, scare, crate, easel, stale, catla, actel, asare, alate, salla, ratal, arete, crece, slart, caste, ceral, creal, astre, actes, claar, areca, aster, etree, least, seare, esera, selat, alert, leare, celal, cleat, laers, seele, laces, reell, rasta, calta, letal, letea, lacer, talas, crete, ellet, artel, talla, crall, recce, carll, cerae, calls, saree, satre, ceras, leear, reaal, crest, alsea, alcea, esata, seeta, erect, aclac.

3 letter words made from accellerates:

eec, era, asl, ret, aas, crt, sat, arc, ler, sle, ert, aar, lac, cer, tar, sea, est, res, ese, eel, als, sac, sec, lat, car, ale, are, aec, tea, lea, eat, ter, tec, ara, eta, let, etc, rat, ras, alt, ell, lee, art, cat, esr, ate, ear, act, see, cst, ace, ala, set, all, tee, ect, tlc, ecc.

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