How to spell DERTY correctly?

If you meant to write "dirty" but accidentally typed "derty", fear not! We all make typos. The correct spelling for what you intended is "dirty". Just double-check spellings before sending, and you'll avoid such minor mistakes. Remember to proofread, folks!

List of suggestions on how to spell derty correctly

  • arty She never goes to the movies, she only watches arty movies.
  • Bert
  • cert I need to get my cert before I can apply for the job.
  • dart The dart missed the bullseye and hit the wall.
  • darts I always enjoy playing darts with my mates.
  • dearly I dearly wish I could visit you in your home country.
  • dearth
  • deary I'll miss you so much, my deary.
  • debt She doesn't have any debt, but she still manages to live a comfortable life.
  • deft The chef's deft hands quickly prepared the meal in less than 10 minutes.
  • defy The young athlete managed to defy the odds and win the gold medal.
  • deity
  • delta He found the delta of the Nile River.
  • dent The car's door had a dent from when it was hit by a shopping cart.
  • deny The company will deny any responsibility for the damage caused.
  • DEPT I need to go to the IT dept to fix my computer.
  • deputy The sheriff's deputy was responsible for patrolling the county roads.
  • derby She's in a derby match tonight.
  • derv
  • dewy
  • dirt I tracked dirt all over the floor.
  • dirty The kitchen counter was covered in dirty dishes.
  • ditty She sang a ditty about her cat.
  • Dorthy
  • dory My little dory can swim a long way.
  • dotty My mother-in-law is really dotty.
  • dray The dray pulled by two massive horses rattled along the cobbled street.
  • dry She wiped her dry eyes.
  • dusty The floors were dusty after the storm.
  • duty I have a duty to take care of the house.
  • hearty The hearty soup was perfect for a cold winter day.
  • pert The piano was quite a pert affair.
  • tarty I don't like the tarty look of her lipstick.
  • testy

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