How to spell DICITONARIES correctly?

We think the word dicitonaries is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell dicitonaries correctly

  • distance It was a short distance, for though I lived in the country I could get to any part of Paris in a quarter of an hour.
  • distress "What has happened to distress you?
  • Destinies No more fitting place could be found for the storage of the antiquities of the town, the relics of its old municipal life, sketches of its old buildings that have vanished, and portraits of its worthies, than the ancient building which has for so long kept watch and ward over its destinies and been the scene of most of the chief events connected with its history.
  • Dictionaries Baret's Alvearie of 1573 has been justly styled 'one of the most quaint and charming of all the early Dictionaries.
  • Distilleries If then the country was pretty equally partitioned out in this manner; if the land was applied solely to produce food for man; if no horses nor superfluous animals were kept for pleasure, and few only for labour; if the country was not drained of its best hands in foreign trade and in large manufactories; if the carriage of goods for exchanging with other goods was performed by canals and rivers and lakes, all abounding with fish; if the catching of these fish gave employment to a very considerable portion of the inhabitants; if the bulk of the people were satisfied to abstain almost wholly from animal food, except such as is most easily procured, that of pigs and ducks and fish; if only a very small part of the grain raised was employed in the distilleries, but was used as the staff of life for man; and if this grain was of such a nature as to yield twice, and even three times, the produce that wheat will give on the same space of ground; if, moreover, the climate was so favourable as to allow two such crops every year-if, under all these circumstances, twelve and a half acres of land would not support a family of five persons; the fault could only be ascribed to idleness or bad management.
  • Distances Almost equal to the devastation wrought by the lava was the damage done by cinders and ashes, which in incredible quantities had been carried great distances.
  • destines She had always planned to become an engineer, but fate had other plans.
  • tercentenaries The anniversary of the founding of the United States is observed on the 4th of July.

List of 620 words made from the word dicitonaries

3 letter words made from dicitonaries:

ect, doa, oct, eos, scd, ron, doe, tia, iod, das, neo, cad, ans, ant, ace, ceo, sod, est, dia, oca, cat, doc, din, nad, ras, tri, ode, sot, air, tic, rad, nit, sad, don, sit, car, rod, dis, dat, sat, ear, end, nod, tin, tad, rat, sec, ert, dot, irs, cio, des, cia, dit, eon, oat, dre, arc, era, art, ice, ira, ida, ido, tod, dts, cis, sir, cst, ent, rot, dec, aid, eat, iii, nsc, esr, sic, rna, not, tar, ton, act, ado, tea, cer, cns, rio, tec, iso, ter, tao, roc, cos, otc, tan, ate, sin, ire, res, ted, son, eta, ain, toe, set, rit, ion, red, edo, sac, cro, cot, ane, etc, ore, net, can, dna, rid, ani, oed, ern, roe, con, ten, sea, nec, crt, tie, tor, den, ies, dos, aec, oar, tai, ade, nrc, oas, ret, sen, one, die, are.

5 letter words made from dicitonaries:

arced, ancre, crais, actos, aidin, aidit, airns, cadre, corsi, actin, cines, acidi, carte, cante, artsd, arcti, adoni, aceto, aisin, carso, arent, ciena, antic, actor, astre, carno, anode, anter, aidoi, coast, citro, aceos, aesir, acorn, atoni, canst, dains, cseti, ciano, acris, coade, adret, adire, arine, crean, anise, croan, coats, cores, ciani, conti, ansco, asner, ansec, certa, cient, artio, adios, aditi, adric, aodin, croad, anido, anier, anted, crest, casto, caeso, certo, conta, aiton, artos, aidos, cinar, coire, adone, corte, ascot, andes, arens, carni, coria, adeno, cisne, aeons, creon, cnote, cater, cisar, cored, ances, astro, cerio, anisi, crane, canor, aceso, ciona, acier, crist, anser, acres, daise, crone, aster, cider, danic, arnes, caion, cador, acies, aetos, canis, aides, coder, aesti, corii, asdic, acone, acrid, acned, airds, cieri, cairo, cedit, carts, daini, arone, costa, daiei, crati, corne, cornd, andrs, arons, crena, cords, aerdi, adits, citra, acter, coits, crans, cotan, artin, atire, croat, ariot, anesi, cites, cioni, canet, ceras, arsed, cions, adorn, cione, antos, coser, codes, astin, aries, arcot, adore, cosan, ation, aints, cares, dairi, artec, cirta, citie, const, cerdo, cedar, coner, actio, areni, anies, aisen, airts, corni, caner, cerna, cinta, atrio, aisne, astor, caste, arson, adsit, cesta, caton, censo, ciose, airod, aoide, actes, coari, cerat, coden, casei, corta, atend, cinae, arico, dacre, aitor, conse, craon, aenos, astir, caito, corna, coate, coset, corse, aneto, caroe, adeni, acero, caret, daner, crine, arise, cirio, asten, credo, atone, cinto, cants, coirs, corda, aired, arnos, cotai, canot, creno, cosed, daito, catos, adeso, aside, crode, canid, cased, cidra, crato, cadet, codas, aroid, centi, asier, aridi, acide, coras, ciste, carns, atric, cando, cairn, canto, dance, cards, coted, casio, citor, csaid, canio, cinoa, creta, dacer, coens, ainsi, caire, cones, canoe, aerts, ceron, ascii, cidre, danco, anios, coati, crate.

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