How to spell DOEDS correctly?

We think the word doeds is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell doeds correctly

  • dds She sorted the laundry into clean anddirty sacks and placed them in the dirtydaundry hamper.
  • deed There is no question as to the truth of what I say, and here is a true copy of our deed."
  • deeds When at last Finn cried, "Come forth, thou dog of evil deeds, Nor respite seek!"
  • dod
  • dodo I saw a cute little dodo on my walk this morning.
  • dos I don't know how to dos this.
  • dosed
  • doss Do you have any dossiers on the candidates?
  • duds We went out with some friends and we all dressed up in our best clothes but none of them looked as good as our d
  • odds I'd prefer to play the odds and not gamble away my money.
  • odets One of my favorite books is " Odets" by William Saroyan.
  • toed
  • Dadoes I really need to find a new pair of dadoes.
  • Died
  • Dies He was buried in a small, private cemetery.
  • Does The dog barks does the cat want to play.
  • Doted She doted on him every day.
  • Dowdies The dowdies at the mall are always so annoying.
  • Dozed
  • Ods
  • EDS The EDS team is hardworking and committed to providing the best customer service possible.
  • Diets
  • dots
  • codes I can't get into my code.
  • dates
  • doses
  • dodos
  • doves The dove is a message bird.
  • doles It's been a long time since I've seen Jocelyn; I wonder if she's still doing her volunteer work at
  • modes I can't get out of this mode.
  • diodes
  • dreads I can't wait to get this over with so I can get rid of these dreads!
  • dopes
  • dudes
  • bodes Hopefully, this means the doctor is okay.
  • duets He and his sister were always duets.
  • NODES Please turn off your computer and disconnect all cables.
  • TOADS The toads in the pond are making an awful noise.
  • TEDS There is something oddly compelling about TED Talks.
  • DADS
  • ODES
  • DDTS The D. D. T. S. is a weapon you don't want to mess with.
  • COEDS All of the coeds at UNC were pretty sexy.
  • DOTES I have to make a call but I don't have my phone charger.
  • DUES I have unpaid dues for this year's club meeting.
  • TOTES It's all totes normal.
  • dodders Dodders are creatures native to the Black Lagoon.
  • lodes The lode is a large vein of silver ore.
  • doters
  • droids The droids BB-8 and R2-D2 are investigating the derelict ship.
  • dozes I doze off during class often.

List of 19 words made from the word doeds

3 letter words made from doeds:

ded, ode, oed, eos, dds, des, sod, edd, dod, odd, dos, doe, edo.

4 letter words made from doeds:

5 letter words made from doeds:

dosed, dedos.

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