How to Pronounce dodo?

Correct pronunciation for the word "dodo" is [dˈə͡ʊdə͡ʊ], [dˈə‍ʊdə‍ʊ], [d_ˈəʊ_d_əʊ].

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"Dodo" in context

Dodo is an extinct bird species that was native to the island of Mauritius near Madagascar. It is believed that dodo was descended from a type of pigeon and were believed to have lived on the island for centuries before its discovery in the 1590s. Unfortunately due to the influx of humans, cats, and other animals they were hunted to extinction within decades of colonization.

The dodo was a large and distinctive bird with an estimated weight of close to 20kg and a height that could range from 70-90 cm. Their feathers were a greyish color and they had an impressive bill of about 25 cm.

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