How to Pronounce goose?

Correct pronunciation for the word "goose" is [ɡˈuːs], [ɡˈuːs], [ɡ_ˈuː_s].

"Goose" in context

A goose is a species of bird native to the Northern Hemisphere of the world. There are many different breeds of goose, including the Canada goose, Egyptian goose, and Snow goose. Geese are known for their loud honking calls and long necks. They also tend to be quite aggressive, and are known to chase after humans and other animals. Geese are mainly found in North America and Europe, but there are a few breeds that have been introduced in other parts of the world. Geese typically eat fish, insects, and other small animals. They are also known to eat plants and grains.

What are similar-sounding words for goose?


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