How to Pronounce moose?

Correct pronunciation for the word "moose" is [mˈuːs], [mˈuːs], [m_ˈuː_s].

"Moose" in context

A moose is a large-bodied mammal that can be found in the northern regions of the world. These animals have long legs and a long neck, with an impressive presence. They have a thick fur coat that helps to keep them warm, and they have wide antlers that can reach up to six feet in width.

Moose spend their days eating aquatic plants, such as elodea, pondweed, and eelgrass, and they can also eat some land plants. They are especially fond of willows and birch leaves. They are also known to eat bark from trees and lichens from rocks.

What are similar-sounding words for moose?


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