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How to spell HOULD correctly?

If you accidentally type "hould" instead of "should", don't worry! Auto-correct can play tricks sometimes. Here are a few correct suggestions you can use instead: "should", "could", "would" or "hood". Double-check your spelling to ensure your message is crystal clear!

List of suggestions on how to spell hould correctly

  • bold He made a bold decision to quit his job and start his own business.
  • cold I like to drink cold water on a hot day.
  • could I could help you study for your test.
  • fold
  • fouled The basketball player was fouled while attempting a three-point shot.
  • gold The Olympic gold medal is the ultimate prize for any athlete.
  • gould
  • haul I had to haul all my bags to the car by myself.
  • Hauled The delivery truck hauled the heavy crates to the loading dock.
  • held The cup was held tightly in her hand.
  • hoard The witch would hoard all sorts of magical items in her secret room.
  • hod
  • Hoed
  • hold She had to hold onto the railing to keep herself from falling on the slippery staircase.
  • holds She holds the record for the fastest marathon time in her age category.
  • hole I fell into a deep hole and twisted my ankle.
  • holed
  • holly The holly bushes outside my window are covered in bright red berries.
  • HOLS I'm planning my hols for next year already.
  • Holt I'm heading to Holt for the weekend.
  • holy In the Bible, the term holy is often used to refer to things that are important to God.
  • hood My girlfriend wears a hood when she drives because she's scared of getting pulled over.
  • hotly Her siblings teased her hotly about her weight, but she didn't care.
  • hound The hound followed the scent of the rabbit through the brush.
  • hourly She spends an hourly hour on the phone with her best friend.
  • Housed The house is housed in an old tree.
  • howl The dog howled until it was too tired to howl anymore.
  • Howled
  • hoyle
  • hud
  • hued The trees were in full bloom and the fields were in spate with wildflowers, all hued in the warm sunshine.
  • hula I tried to learn the hula dance, but I couldn't keep up with the swift movements of my instructor's hips.
  • hulk Hulk Hogan is a giant of a man.
  • hull
  • loud I am going to be very loud so that you can't ignore me!
  • mold I can't let that mold grow in my apartment, it's gross.
  • mould A mould can create textured surfaces in glass.
  • mouldy The mouldy smell was causing me to have a headache.
  • old Grandma is old and doesn't need a new accessory.
  • should
  • sold
  • Told She told me that she wasn't going to the party.
  • wold The wold is a vast place.
  • would If I had a lot of money, I would buy a house by the beach.

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