Correct spelling for HOULD

We think the word hould is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for hould

  • bold Giant Despair:-Who and what is he that is so bold as to come to the gate of Giant Despair?
  • cold Their boy should not be left out in the cold!
  • could How could I have?"
  • fold This purchase increased Thuillier's importance ten-fold.
  • fouled The life-line fouled on something, and I found that it had taken a turn round the bowsprit of a wreck.
  • gold Don't think about the gold!
  • gould Through an introduction from Mr. Jay Gould, who then controlled the Union Pacific, Edison was allowed to ride on the cow-catchers of the locomotives.
  • halt The wheel hesitated and came to a halt, with the ball trembling in a pocket.
  • haul Who's to haul up?
  • healed At this Ann humbly besought her to ask nothing concerning him; if my aunt loved her she would forbear from touching on the scarce-healed wound.
  • held Preciosa looked back at her mother and held an unbroken silence.
  • hilt Its hilt is in his grasp, and in an instant he has drawn the blade from its scabbard!
  • hoard The children had discovered the glittering hoard, and when in mischievous mood used to fling showers of moidores, diamonds, pearls and pieces of eight to the gulls, who pounced upon them for food, and then flew away, raging at the scurvy trick that had been played upon them.
  • hod To Penny, it now was clear Hod Hawkins had been with Danny Deevers at the time Jerry was slugged.
  • hold When my father was gone, my mother took hold of my hand, drew me to her, and kissed me.
  • holder One shoot of them is in my helm, and here let me present them to a worthier holder.
  • holly Lazy as William Rufus Holly had been at school and college, he had still thought a good deal, even when he seemed only sleeping; perhaps he thought more because he slept so much, because he studied little and read a great deal.
  • holy
  • hood
  • hotly
  • hound
  • hourly
  • howl
  • hoyle
  • hud
  • hued
  • hula
  • hulk
  • hull
  • loud
  • mold
  • mould
  • mouldy
  • old
  • should
  • sold
  • wold
  • would
  • Haled He came to the Granada in search of Jack and haled him, nothing loth, out to the stone house in the West End. It happened that Betty Gower, Etta Robbin-Steele, and two gilded youths, whom MacRae did not know, were there.
  • Hauled Before noon half a dozen were hauled up.
  • Heeled Then the great head of the tree, that seemed a green cloud among grey ones, swept the sky suddenly like a broom, and the whole tree heeled over like a ship, smashing every one in its fall.
  • Hoed The little brother was hard-working and industrious by nature, and hence he watered and hoed the sprout all day long.
  • Holt
  • Housed
  • Howled
  • Hulled
  • Hurled
  • Told
  • Hilda Rosalie was very fond of her lessons and Hilda was an uncommonly good teacher and took a great interest in leading Rosalie along the paths she had herself so recently followed.
  • holds Little, stiffly built gentleman, very pale face, holds himself well up-what?"
  • hailed His arrival was hailed with genuine gratitude.
  • HOLS
  • holed When some broth is boiling in a Pipkin, pour into it some Eggs well beaten, and they will curdle in a lump, when they are enough; take them out with a holed ladle, and lay them upon the bread in the Minestra.
  • hole And here you must know that the Place Where The Silent Ones Kill was an utter bare place, where all did seem of rock, and no bush did seem to grow thereon; so that a man might not come to any hiding; though, in truth, there might be some hole here or there; yet was none shown in any map within the Pyramid; neither did there seem to be any such to me, as I did creep there among the moss-bushes to the Northward of the Place, and look constant and fearful towards it; so that I should see quickly whether any Silent One did move across all the grey quiet of that rocky plain.

19 words made from the letters hould

4 letter words made from hould:

dhou, dhul, duhl, hold, loud, dhol, oudh, huld, dulo, ould, ludo.

3 letter words made from hould:

dol, luo, doh, hod, hud, duo, old, hdl.

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