How to Pronounce howl?

Correct pronunciation for the word "howl" is [hˈa͡ʊl], [hˈa‍ʊl], [h_ˈaʊ_l].

"Howl" in context

A howl is a loud, long, and usually high-pitched cry that is usually associated with animals, especially wolves. It is most often used by a wild animal in the wilderness as a means of communication or in response to a perceived threat. It has been used for centuries in various cultures for a variety of reasons. It has been used in Native American rituals and other ceremonies to convey emotions and evoke spirits, and in Scotland, it was used to chase away boggarts and dark spirits. Some folklore believes that if a howl is heard on a certain night, it might indicate bad luck is coming.

What are similar-sounding words for howl?


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