How to spell LEABE correctly?

We think the word leabe is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell leabe correctly

  • Abe
  • babe
  • elbe
  • hebe
  • lab The lab was filled with various scientific equipment and tools.
  • label She put a label on each box to keep the contents organized.
  • Labia
  • labor The labor union negotiated for better working conditions for its members.
  • LABS The new medical facility has three labs dedicated to research and experimentation.
  • lace She wore a beautiful dress with intricate lace detailing.
  • lade She asked him to lade the water into the bucket.
  • lake
  • lame The horse suffered a lame leg after falling on the rocky terrain.
  • lane I turned down the wrong lane and ended up in a dead end.
  • LASE
  • late I woke up late and had to rush to make it to work on time.
  • LAUE 오늘은 LAUE ê°€ 됩니다.
  • lave The waves lave the shore with a gentle rhythm.
  • laze After a long day at work, I would love to laze around in bed for a while.
  • lb
  • LBW He was given out LBW by the umpire.
  • lea I found a beautiful lea full of flowers while hiking in the mountains.
  • lead She decided to take the lead and organize the team's efforts towards the project's completion.
  • leader A leader is someone who gets the group to follow them.
  • leaf I picked up a colorful leaf from the ground during my autumn walk in the park.
  • league She was a member of a league of supportive friends.
  • Leah
  • leak I think my water bottle has a leak because I found a puddle on my desk.
  • leakey I'm not sure if I should leakey or tell them.
  • lean She decided to lean against the wall and rest a moment.
  • leaner The new process aimed to make the organization leaner and more efficient.
  • Leanne Leanne is a talented singer who has won many awards for her performances.
  • leap In order to leap, one must first take a step.
  • leaper The leaper cleared the hurdle with ease.
  • lear While the moon be full, I will learn your language.
  • LEAS The company has a LEAS program that allows customers to pay for goods in advance.
  • lease I'm going to lease an apartment in the city.
  • Leaser The leaser of the apartment complex is responsible for managing the property and finding new tenants.
  • leave I'll have to leave early for my appointment.
  • leaver I was the last leaver at the party.
  • lee Lee looked up from his laptop screen to see a blonde woman standing in the doorway.
  • liable As a dog owner, you are liable for any damages your pet may cause.
  • Lib I Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib
  • libber I've never heard the word "libber" before.
  • llb I'm an American citizen, but I plan to continue my education in England - I hope to eventually become an LBB lawyer
  • lob He managed to lob the tennis ball over the opponent's head, winning the point.
  • lobe The lobe on his neck was swollen.
  • lubber She's a lubber, I tell you.
  • lube I need to lube up my cock before I can take you.
  • plebe As a plebe, he struggled to adapt to the strict and demanding lifestyle of the military academy.

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