How to Pronounce leap?

Correct pronunciation for the word "leap" is [lˈiːp], [lˈiːp], [l_ˈiː_p].

What are the misspellings for leap?

"Leap" in context

Leap is an explosive word that evokes movement and energy. It's no wonder that today it is widely used as an inspiring symbol to people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.

Leap represents a decision to make a big change in one's life. To leap is to risk everything, without surety of success. To leap is an act of bravery, a courageous leap of faith. One chooses to move away from the known and into the unknown.

Leap is potential. It surrounds us with a promise of a better future. It encourages us to take chances, spread our wings and take a chance at something better.

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