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How to spell LEAM correctly?

If you've typed "leam" by accident, the correct suggestions might include "learn", "team" or "leap". These words are frequently used and can easily be confused, so double-check your spelling before hitting send. Mistakes happen, but taking a moment to proofread can make a world of difference.

List of suggestions on how to spell leam correctly

  • beam The sun's warm beam felt good on my face.
  • Elam Elam was an ancient civilization that existed in what is now southwestern Iran.
  • gleam I saw a gleam in my friend's eyes when she received her acceptance letter from her dream college.
  • lam
  • lea As she walked through the lea, she felt the warm sun on her face and heard the gentle rustling of the tall grass.
  • lead The manager will lead the team to victory.
  • leaf I pressed a leaf between the pages of my book as a reminder of my hike.
  • Leah
  • leak There is a leak in the roof and water is coming inside the house.
  • lean I am trying to lean down before my vacation.
  • leap The gazelle made a big leap over the log as it ran through the savannah.
  • lear
  • LEAS
  • loam The soil in this area is a rich loam that is perfect for growing crops.
  • ream I need to print out this entire document, so I'll have to buy a ream of paper.
  • seam She carefully sewed the seam of the torn pillowcase.
  • team

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