Correct spelling for MART

We think the word mart is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for mart

  • art If thou art good, my Prince!...
  • bart Of course, I don't expect Bart to do that so much any more; he has his own life to live.
  • cart And when his wife came to the door she looked into the cart and said, "Why, there is nothing there."
  • dart She always held herself upright as a dart, and though it was late now, she did not show any signs of fatigue as she stood with a shaded candle looking down at the sleeping girl.
  • hart Thy lovely Rosolinde seemes now forlorne, And all thy gentle flockes forgotten quight: Thy chaunged hart now holdes thy pypes in scorne, Those prety pypes that did thy mates delight; Those trusty mates, that loved thee so well; Whom thou gav'st mirth, as they gave thee the bell.
  • malt Soft fire makes sweet malt.
  • mar "Are you feeling all right, Margaret?
  • mara Mara was a few paces in front of me when a solitary, bodiless head bounced on the path between us. The leopardess came rushing under the elephants from behind, and would have seized it, but, with frightful contortions of visage and a loathsome howl, it gave itself a rapid rotatory twist, sprang from her, and buried itself in the ground.
  • marat Captain Marat said we must avoid having the lights of the town between us and any signal from Wayne.
  • marc And where was she-Therese-when Saint Marc was resounding with the cries of her husband's betrayed companions and friends?
  • mare I was riding a ripping mare, which I had named Kate Dwyer, and which, up to the day of this accident, had not given me a fall.
  • mari Later on, other ensembles were formed, such as Oldarra Abesbatza from Biarritz (founded in 1947), made up of men and sometimes putting on performances as an ochote (see below), or the reputed Coral Andra Mari from Errenteria, established in 1966, featuring Basque folk music and Aita Donostias several scores.
  • mark " Mark, this is my little girl.
  • marl Celestine occurs in the Triassic rocks of Britain, especially in veins and geodes in the Keuper marl in the neighbourhood of Bristol.
  • mars "Nice people don't get to Mars.
  • mart "I suppose I could board here in Bellemere," suggested Mart.
  • marx Cambridge, 1976. Marx, F., ed.
  • mary Mary, Mary, what have you done?
  • mast There was no wind; the flag on the mast flapped idly now and then with the motion of the yacht; and Thelma found herself too warm with her pretty crimson hood,-she therefore unfastened it and let the sunshine play on the uncovered gold of her hair.
  • mat The first thing I noticed about her was, that instead of squatting on a mat in native fashion, she sank into a wide chair, and lying back enquired, with a pleasant smile and in perfect English, whether I was feeling any better.
  • matt "You've gone back to gambling lately, Matt," said I to myself.
  • part "Are you going to play the part?
  • smart I wisht I was smart as you!
  • tart Then she bent over him and shouted in his ear, "I'll make you a hot fig-tart right away now, Patro, if you'll set up."
  • wart
  • Mort Deux estions, et n'avions qu'ung cueur; S'il est mort, force est que devie, Voire, ou que je vive sans vie, Comme les images, par cueur, Mort!
  • Marty But Marty needed no explanation.
  • Marta And there was the chance-the thousandth chance, Marta!
  • marts When by the Hecla of their burning fleet 154 Dismay'd amidst the marts of Carduel, The Saxons rush'd without the walls to meet The Vikings' swords, which their mad terrors swell Into a host-assaulted, rear and van, The foe scarce smote before the flight began.
  • KART As a formulaic kart racer, Chocobo Racing is often compared to Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing.
  • unmatch

12 words made from the letters mart

3 letter words made from mart:

tar, mat, arm, ram, mar, tam, art, trm, atm, rat.

4 letter words made from mart:

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