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How to spell MENOW correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "menow", fear not! The correct spelling is actually "meow". This onomatopoeic word perfectly captures the sound cats make. So next time you want to express a feline's vocalization, remember to spell it as "meow" for an accurate representation.

List of suggestions on how to spell menow correctly

  • keno I entered the casino and decided to try my luck at keno.
  • know
  • Leno Jay Leno is a famous comedian and former host of The Tonight Show.
  • manor He rented an old manor house for his summer vacation.
  • meadow I love to go walking in my meadow.
  • MEGO
  • mellow After a yoga class, I feel so mellow and relaxed.
  • melon
  • memo I need to write a memo to my staff announcing the changes in the company policy.
  • men The men stood huddled together outside the building, waiting for the doors to open.
  • mend
  • Menes King Menes united all of Ancient Egypt under his rule.
  • mensa The Mensa club is a high IQ society.
  • mentor Ms. O'Malley is my mentor.
  • menu I'm going to give you the menu.
  • menus The menus are always changing and the food is always amazing.
  • meow My meow is really cute, don't you think?
  • meows My cat always meows when he wants his dinner.
  • meson A meson is a subatomic particle that interacts with the strong nuclear force.
  • mew The kitten let out a soft mew as it snuggled against its owner's chest.
  • minnow This fish is known as a minnow.
  • minor The car accident was only a minor collision, and no one was injured.
  • minos King Minos of Crete was known for his brutal punishment.
  • Minot
  • mono The prefix "mono" means one.
  • mow After finishing his breakfast, John went to mow the lawn.
  • Munoz Munoz is a very common surname in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • now
  • reno We are planning to visit Reno, Nevada next summer.
  • snow The snow is falling softly outside.
  • zeno I can't believe we're doing this zeno thing again.

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