How to Pronounce meows?

Correct pronunciation for the word "meows" is [mɪˈa͡ʊz], [mɪˈa‍ʊz], [m_ɪ__ˈaʊ_z].

"Meows" in context

Meows are the most emblematic sound cats make. They are widely seen as friendly and gentle communications that cats use to express a variety of feelings. How cats meow and the type of meow they produce willdepend on what message they are trying to express. It could be that a cat is communicating hunger, or that they are feeling weary, but whatever the cause, their meow will often be the first sign of how they are feeling.

In general, cats will use meows to interact with their owners and other cats. A meow is usually an invitation or attention-seeking behaviour.

Usage over time for meows:

This graph shows how "meows" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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