How to spell OPIES correctly?

We think the word opies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell opies correctly

  • apse Here, too, upon the north stood the great abbey church, three hundred and thirty-five feet long, a cruciform building consisting of nave with two aisles, central tower, transepts with aisles, chancel with circular apse and chapels, now marked out in chalk upon the grass.
  • mopes When I get home from work, I mope around the house.
  • opine I opine that this is an excellent way to display your work.
  • oppose The protesters opposed the new plan.
  • ops I need to run some operational checks on this system.
  • opus It is an ancient playwrangle performed in front of an audience.
  • pipes
  • Espies Madame Bolivard, who had not been out of Paris for twenty years, needed all her maternal instincts to subdue her excitement at the prospect of seeing the open country and the sea. In the railway carriage she pointed out cattle to the unconscious infant with the tremulous quiver of the traveler who espies a herd of hippogriffin.
  • Ope
  • Copies The gods are copies of their worshippers, faithful reflections of those who fear them.
  • Poppies The poppies near the fence are beautiful.
  • Spies The spies were caught by the soldiers.
  • Piers I am meeting Piers for dinner tonight.
  • Pius Pope Pius XI condemned the Nazi Holocaust.
  • Apes Her first impression was that one of the great apes, occasionally glimpsed among the more impenetrable reaches of jungle, had seized her; for she could feel coarse long hair matting its chest and arms.
  • Opiates The patient was reportedly taking opiates to relieve pain.
  • popes John Francis O'Connor, later Pope Pius XII
  • hopes Oh dear, and I am one of those hopes!
  • dopes Every little while he dopes himself.
  • ropes I used to have a lot of ropes around the house.
  • opens The door opens to a beautiful garden.
  • wipes She wiped her nose on the back of her hand.
  • lopes
  • opines I'm inclined to believe her.
  • OOPS I just let out an "OOPS" when I spilled my coffee.
  • UPS UPS delivers packages.
  • PIS I can't believe PIS tested me.
  • COPES The mantillas of the ladies, the dresses of the sacred images, the copes of the clergy, gave full opportunity for the production of this fabric; but the chief effort is now directed to the manufacture of the best foreign laces, all of which are most successfully imitated by hand-workers in Valencia and Murcia, where they can be produced at a lower cost than is possible in colder and more northern climes.
  • OPTS
  • OISE She graduated from the University of Ottawa.
  • OPES No one opens the presents until Santa comes.
  • PEES
  • PIES
  • Hopis Indeed, the Navahos and Hopis may be seen together, on the one excursion described in an earlier chapter.
  • copiers The principles of his main text, to which his copiers all confine themselves, then took the following form: The quantity of a syllable, is that time which is occupied in pronouncing it.

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