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How to spell ROATERY correctly?

The correct spelling for "roatery" might be "rotary". This word refers to something that rotates or revolves around a central axis. It can indicate a type of machine or device with rotating components. Double-check your spelling to ensure clarity and accuracy in your communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell roatery correctly

  • eatery I decided to try out a new eatery down the street.
  • lottery I didn't win the lottery even though I bought a ticket every week.
  • pottery My grandfather was skilled in the making of pottery.
  • Rater The rater's job is to evaluate the efficiency of the employees.
  • roarer She's a frequent roarer at night.
  • robbery The police are investigating the robbery that took place at the convenience store last night.
  • rockery I am planning to add a rockery to my garden to create a natural and attractive look.
  • roguery The roguery of the thieves was easily spotted by the experienced security guard.
  • rookery The rookery is a man-made sanctuary for all the rooks in the area.
  • Rooter The rooter cleared the clogged drain within minutes.
  • rotary The rotary phone was retrofitted with a touch screen.
  • rotatory A rotatory engine uses a spinning rotor to convert energy into motion.
  • rotter He was the worst rotter imaginable.
  • router I am configuring the router for better internet connectivity.
  • routers I need to update the firmware on my routers to improve network speed and security.
  • watery The soup was too thin and watery.

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