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How to spell SORYY correctly?

If you accidentally typed "soryy" instead of "sorry", don't worry! Simply correct your mistake by typing the correct spelling. Other suggestions for the misspelling "soryy" may include "sorii" or "sorrwy", but these are not correct spellings and may cause confusion or be hard to understand.

List of suggestions on how to spell soryy correctly

  • Corey Corey is my neighbor who always brings me fresh produce from his garden.
  • Cory
  • dory The fisherman sailed his dory out to sea.
  • foray I decided to make a foray into the unknown by trying out a new cuisine.
  • gory The horror movie was so gory that many people had to look away during the especially bloody scenes.
  • Kory My aunt Kory always makes the best lasagna.
  • lorry The lorry was carrying a large shipment of goods to the warehouse.
  • moray The moray eel slithered silently through the coral reef.
  • Rory Rory is my best friend who always makes me laugh.
  • soapy I washed the car with the soapy water.
  • soddy She slept in a soddy yesterday.
  • soggy After a heavy rain, the ground was so soggy that I couldn't walk without sinking ankle-deep.
  • sonny I used to have a sonny, but he's long gone now.
  • SONY My favorite brand for electronics is SONY.
  • sooty She left the party looking sooty and smoky.
  • soppy I can't stand watching soppy romantic movies.
  • sore My foot is really sore from all of the walking I did today.
  • sorely I am sorely in need of a new pair of shoes.
  • sorer I woke up feeling even sorer than yesterday after my workout.
  • sores He applied a medicated ointment to the painful sores on his feet.
  • sorry I am sorry I'm late.
  • sort I need to sort my laundry into white, colored, and dark piles.
  • SORTA I'm sorta tired after that long hike.
  • soupy The chef prepared a soupy broth for the seafood stew.
  • sourly The customer looked at the waiter sourly when he brought her the wrong order.
  • soy
  • spray I need to buy a can of bug spray for our backyard barbecue.
  • spry I'm going to have to be spry if I want to finish this project on time.
  • storey
  • story
  • stray The stray cat wandered aimlessly around the neighborhood, looking for food and shelter.
  • surly I refuse to deal with this surly punk.
  • surya The sun is the representative of Surya, the Hindu god of solar energy.
  • tory
  • worry I always worry about my grades, even though I study hard.

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