How to Pronounce surly?

Correct pronunciation for the word "surly" is [sˈɜːli], [sˈɜːli], [s_ˈɜː_l_i].

"Surly" in context

Surly is an adjective to describe someone who is unhelpful, displeasing, and ill-tempered. A surly person usually displays resentment, animosity and aggression, often to the point of making those around them uncomfortable. They can be short-tempered and rude, making conversation difficult if not impossible.

Surly behavior has been known to arise out of stress, frustration, fatigue, or insecurity. On the other hand, it can be a sign of an underlying personality disorder. People who across as surly may be afraid to let their guard down, choosing instead to maintain an aloof, combative demeanor.


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