How to Pronounce soggy?

Correct pronunciation for the word "soggy" is [sˈɒɡi], [sˈɒɡi], [s_ˈɒ_ɡ_i].

"Soggy" in context

Soggy is a term used to describe something that is soft, damp, and often soaked. It is most commonly used to describe food that has been cooked too long or not cooked thoroughly, resulting in a wet, floppy texture. It can also apply to objects that have been exposed to water such as clothing or clothing material that has been washed but not dried properly.

Soggy food is usually considered unappetizing and unenjoyable to eat, although there are some dishes that actually taste better when cooked until dense and wet. Examples of these dishes include biryani, dumplings, and some desserts.


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