How to Pronounce Orts?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Orts" is [ˈɔːts], [ˈɔːts], [ˈɔː_t_s].

What are the misspellings for Orts?

  • krts,
  • lrts,
  • 0rts,
  • 9rts,
  • o5ts,
  • o4ts,
  • or6s,
  • or5s,
  • ortz,
  • ortw,
  • iorts,
  • oirts,
  • korts,
  • okrts,
  • olrts,
  • oprts,
  • 0orts,
  • o0rts,
  • 9orts,
  • o9rts

"Orts" in context

Orts are points of reference that are used to identify a location. Orts can be used to give directions, find out exact locations and help people visit new places. Orts can also be used to trace the origin of an event, the origin of an item or the origin of a custom. They are also an important part of history and can help to make connections between different places.

Orts can range from very small points like streets, cities or buildings to large geographical regions. However, typically they are used to designate locations within a given area such as a street corner or a certain part of a city or region.

Usage over time for Orts:

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