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How to Pronounce paiwanic?

Correct pronunciation for the word "paiwanic" is [pe͡ɪwˈanɪk], [pe‍ɪwˈanɪk], [p_eɪ_w_ˈa_n_ɪ_k].

What are the misspellings for paiwanic?

  • oaiwanic,
  • laiwanic,
  • -aiwanic,
  • 0aiwanic,
  • pziwanic,
  • psiwanic,
  • pwiwanic,
  • pqiwanic,
  • pauwanic,
  • pajwanic,
  • pakwanic,
  • paowanic,
  • pa9wanic,
  • pa8wanic,
  • pawianic,
  • taiwanic,
  • paiwalic,
  • Paywamic,
  • Pawannic,
  • Paywonic

What are similar-sounding words for paiwanic?

What is the adjective for paiwanic?

The adjective form of the word "paiwanic" is "Paiwan".

What is the plural form of paiwanic?

The plural form of the word "paiwanic" is "paiwanics".

What is the singular form of paiwanic?

The singular form of the word "paiwanic" is "paiwanic". The word does not change when referring to singular or plural nouns.


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