How to Pronounce secret?

Correct pronunciation for the word "secret" is [sˈiːkɹət], [sˈiːkɹət], [s_ˈiː_k_ɹ_ə_t].

What are the misspellings for secret?

"Secret" in context

The concept of secrecy is as old as human civilisation itself. Since ancient times, humans have sought methods to keep their secrets safe. This could be anything from a secret password to a hiding place for documents and valuables. The development of cryptography and other complex technologies only added to the ability to keep secrets more securely. Now more than ever, secrets are needed to protect people's private data, sensitive documents and other information from falling into the wrong hands. Electronic encryption and facial recognition have become more advanced than ever before, and are one of the most widely used methods of keeping secrets private.

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