How to Pronounce slews?

Correct pronunciation for the word "slews" is [slˈuːz], [slˈuːz], [s_l_ˈuː_z].

"Slews" in context

Slews are large quantities of something, most often but not exclusive referring to large amounts of water. In a maritime sense, a slew is a large body of water, for example an ocean inlet or bay. Slews often turn rapidly, creating treacherous winds and waves that can be difficult to maneuver. In the ancient world, conquerers would often use sleep to trap their enemies and control transportation or trading routes. Slews are also used to refer to large amounts of money or items, usually in broad, unspecific terms. A large corporation might refer to their assets in terms of "slews of money" without getting into concrete numbers or values.

What are similar-sounding words for slews?


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