How to Pronounce twelfth?

Correct pronunciation for the word "twelfth" is [twˈɛlfθ], [twˈɛlfθ], [t_w_ˈɛ_l_f_θ].

"Twelfth" in context

The twelfth day marks the end of the 12-day Christmas season which begins on December 25th (on Christmas Day) and eventually culminates on the Religious holiday of Epiphany (or as some christen it as "twelfth night"). As the day ends with Epiphany, the traditional and religious style of celebrating the twelfth day, is to honor and remember the visit of the three wise men, who were revered and remembered on this day. Twelfth night is the perfect time to enjoy a festive twelve-course meal and spend time with family, or close friends.


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