How to Pronounce UFOS?

Correct pronunciation for the word "UFOS" is [jˈuːfə͡ʊz], [jˈuːfə‍ʊz], [j_ˈuː_f_əʊ_z].

What are the misspellings for UFOS?

"UFOS" in context

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOS) are objects that have been seen in the sky that cannot easily be identified by the observer. Sightings of UFOs have been reported throughout recorded history and they continue to be reported today. The objects are typically described as having strangely shaped lights, discs or cigar-like shapes, and often moving at speeds that defy traditional aircraft technology. While thousands of UFO sightings have been reported, most remain unexplained, leaving it up to the observer to form their own opinion or explanation.

The history of UFOs is fascinating and has spawned a variety of theories.


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