How to Pronounce uta?

Correct pronunciation for the word "uta" is [jˈuːtə], [jˈuːtə], [j_ˈuː_t_ə].

What are the misspellings for uta?

  • uyta,
  • uya,
  • utaz,
  • utsa,
  • u8ta,
  • utz,
  • utqa,
  • utza,
  • u5a,
  • uuta,
  • utaq,
  • utaa,
  • iuta,
  • uita,
  • ut a,
  • utas,
  • utc,
  • u6ta,
  • utw,
  • ugta,
  • utwa,
  • 7ta,
  • 8ta,
  • uua,
  • uhta,
  • ut6a,
  • yuta,
  • utya,
  • jta,
  • 7uta,
  • 8uta,
  • u4a,
  • u ta,
  • utaw,
  • u6a,
  • u7ta,
  • utta,
  • ujta,
  • qta,
  • ut5a,
  • u5ta

"Uta" in context

Uta is a popular Japanese term for song and poem. Historically the word has its roots in early Japanese poetry and was later incorporated into folk songs. In modern times, uta has become synonymous with popular Japanese music, including J-Pop and Anime.

The word has many connotations, as it can apply to both traditional music, such as min'you, or mainstream songs, such as those by famous idols in Japan. Uta is often used as a metaphorical term for strong emotions and encompasses a wide variety of musical genres.

What are similar-sounding words for uta?


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