How to Pronounce wofs?

Correct pronunciation for the word "wofs" is [wˈɒfs], [wˈɒfs], [w_ˈɒ_f_s].

"Wofs" in context

Wofs stands for the World On Feng Shui, and it is an online portal or portal website dedicated to providing the latest and the most accurate information on the Chinese practice of Feng Shui. It provides a directory of the list of certified practitioners, Feng Shui consultations, articles and seminars on the topic, interactive tools and resources, a search and comparison tool of Feng Shui products and services, articles, a blog and other relevant information. It also provides resources on Feng Shui education and certification. It further provides advice on various Feng Shui topics, a toolkit for beginners and advanced practitioners, book reviews and other related information.

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