How to Pronounce yawn?

Correct pronunciation for the word "yawn" is [jˈɔːn], [jˈɔːn], [j_ˈɔː_n].

"Yawn" in context

Yawning is a universal phenomenon and something that everyone experiences multiple times every day. It usually occurs as a sign of fatigue or as an indicator of boredom, but it can also indicate when someone is agitated or anxious. Interestingly, it is thought that yawning helps regulate the temperature of the brain and is accompanied by an increase in heart rate and respiration, making it an important physiological response. Additionally, we yawn more when we're tired, drunk, or on drugs, and even when we're excited or anxious. It can also be contagious, meaning that one person's yawn can trigger another person's yawn.

What are similar-sounding words for yawn?


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