How to Pronounce ZIFF?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ZIFF" is [zˈɪf], [zˈɪf], [z_ˈɪ_f].

What are the misspellings for ZIFF?

  • ziuff,
  • zyff,
  • zioff,
  • zifdf,
  • zif,
  • ziffy,
  • ziffc,
  • z8iff,
  • zigff,
  • zuiff,
  • zidff,
  • ziffv,
  • zi ff,
  • Zifffer,
  • zziff,
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  • Ziffer,
  • zeyeff,
  • ziffd,
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  • zayeff,
  • zitff,
  • ziffr,
  • zifgf,
  • zicff,
  • z iff,
  • Ziffel,
  • zi9ff,
  • zivff,
  • zifff,
  • zirff,
  • z9iff,
  • zijff,
  • ziffg

"ZIFF" in context

ZIFF is an annual Zimbabwe International Film Festival that celebrates African film and its culture. ZIFF was founded in 1994 and is held in the capital Harare. The mission of ZIFF is to foster an understanding of African film and its culture, support Zimbabwe's film industry, and promote African film to the world. The festival orgnanizes screenings and workshops for African filmmakers and film lovers. It also curates forums for industry professionals and offers an avenue for African filmmakers to showcase their works. ZIFF recognizes excellence in filmmaking and African filmmakers through its awards.

What are similar-sounding words for ZIFF?


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