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How To Spell festivity?

Correct spelling: festivity

Definition of festivity:

  1. any joyous diversion

List of misspellings for festivity:

  • facitity,
  • festivi6y,
  • acitivity,
  • festovity,
  • festiviry,
  • festavial,
  • yesterfday,
  • resisitivity,
  • fesitivies,
  • festivkty,
  • sesnitivity,
  • festavile,
  • fest8vity,
  • festicity,
  • festivley,
  • festivile,
  • ceativity,
  • festivoty,
  • postivity,
  • festivial,
  • acetivity,
  • feativity,
  • refectivity,
  • specitivity,
  • fasdfasdf,
  • postivitve,
  • festivitt,
  • fes5ivity,
  • positvity,
  • possitivity,
  • festifity,
  • fesitivites,
  • festjvity,
  • festiv9ty,
  • passitvity,
  • fwstivity,
  • restivity,
  • festivjty,
  • fesitve,
  • acitvity,
  • festivify,
  • passitivity,
  • posotivity,
  • acitvitiy,
  • fes6ivity,
  • festivies,
  • f4stivity,
  • festigity,
  • feztivity,
  • festivith,
  • festiity,
  • fextivity,
  • festiv8ty,
  • fdstivity,
  • festivil,
  • fesitivities,
  • festivigy,
  • testivity,
  • postivite,
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  • festuvity,
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  • festiviyy,
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  • justifty,
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  • firstfruit,
  • destivity,
  • f3stivity,
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  • gestivity,
  • festivaties,
  • fesrivity,
  • feetivity,
  • positivitly,
  • festivly,
  • fewtivity,
  • festives,
  • festibity,
  • festaville,
  • fesgivity,
  • festavil,
  • festivitg,
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  • festivitys,
  • festivuty,
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  • festivie,
  • sesitivity,
  • lowestoft,
  • festkvity,
  • fesyivity,
  • festivties,
  • cestivity,
  • fsstivity,
  • festivalty,
  • festiviites,
  • vestivity.

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Quotes for festivity:

  1. We convinced him quickly that the possibility of war was absolutely nil and continued our festivity. On the next day we were ordered to take the field.

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Vietnamese word for Festivity

hoan hỉ.