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Correct spelling: gently

Definition of gently:

  1. In a gentle manner.

Common misspellings for gently:

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Quotes for gently:

  1. It is my hope that during my brief passage through this universe, that I may share with you the joy of hearing the music of the stars... knowing that the composer was from a distant place and the songs were written eons ago, which now fall gently on this place for all to hear.
  2. It is right that he too should have his little chronicle, his memories, his reason, and be able to recognize the good in the bad, the bad in the worst, and so grow gently old down all the unchanging days, and die one day like any other day, only shorter.
  3. You have to lead people gently toward what they already know is right.
  4. How gently rock yon poplars high Against the reach of primrose sky With heaven's pale candles stored.
  5. I have been able to follow my death step by step and now my life goes gently to its end.

Rhymes for gently:

  1. incidentally;
  2. bentley, bently;
  3. intently;