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Spell Check of turquoise

Correct spelling: turquoise

Definition of turquoise:

a blue to gray green mineral consisting of copper aluminum phosphate; blue turquoise is valued as a gemstone

Common misspellings:

  • turqouise (20%)
  • turqoise (16%)
  • turquise (13%)
  • turquiose (12%)
  • tourquoise (6%)
  • torquoise (4%)
  • turqiouse (3%)
  • tourquise (2%)
  • turquose (2%)

Examples of usage:

1) Infinite perspectives of sapphire columns supporting turquoise vaults.

2) At Cochiti might be seen, until lately, ancient scalps with the ears, and in these there still remained the green turquoise ornaments.

3) Turquoise was highly prized.

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