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  1. Enlightenment, erudition, information, knowledge, learning, and skill are acquired, as by study or practise. Insight, judgment, profundity or depth, reason, sagacity, sense, and understanding are native qualities of mind, tho capable of increase by cultivation. The other qualities are on the border- line. Wisdom has been defined as " the right use of knowledge," or " the use of the most important means for attaining the best ends," wisdom thus presupposing knowledge for its very existence and exercise. Wisdom is mental power acting upon the materials that fullest knowledge gives in the most effective way. There may be what is termed " practical wisdom that looks only to material results; but in its full sense, wisdom implies the highest and noblest exercise of all the faculties of the moral nature as well as of the intellect. Prudence is a lower and more negative form of the same virtue, respecting outward and practical matters, and largely with a view of avoiding loss and injury; wisdom transcends prudence, so that while the part of prudence is ordinarily also that of wisdom cases arise, as in the exigencies of business or of war, when the highest wisdom is in the disregard of the maxims of prudence. Judgment, the power of forming decisions, especially correct decisions, is broader and more positive than prudence, leading one to do, as readily as to refrain from doing; but judgment is more limited in range and less exalted in character than wisdom to say of one that he displayed good judgment is much less than to say that he manifested wisdom Skill is far inferior to wisdom consisting largely in the practical application of acquired knowledge, power, and habitual processes, or in the ingenious contrivance that makes such application possible. In the making of something perfectly useless there may be great skill, but no wisdom Compare ACUMEN; ASTUTE; KNOWLEDGE; MIND; PRUDENCE; SAGACIOUS; SKILFUL. –  by
  2. The wisdom of the ages is to know the instant when to act; not too late, not too soon. – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
  3. She meant India- its hidden wisdom – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost