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Correct spelling: envelope


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This graph shows how "envelope" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for envelope:

  1. She was slipping it back into its envelope when Landis and Min appeared.
  2. But I saw at once that you put it in the wrong envelope.
  3. Even now, he was only on the weekly pay roll for thirty- eight dollars and sixty- six cents per, handed him in a pay envelope.

Quotes for envelope:

  1. For most men, life is a search for the proper manila envelope in which to get themselves filed. - Clifton Fadiman
  2. We're starting to push the envelope in terms of the expectations, and you can also have your own style, personality and sense of humor, because now we're allowed to. - Lisa Guerrero
  3. A good many young writers make the mistake of enclosing a stamped, self -addressed envelope, big enough for the manuscript to come back in. This is too much of a temptation to the editor. - Ring Lardner
  4. You can't raise the standard of women's morals by raising their pay envelope. It lies deeper than that. - Billy Sunday
  5. Good records- from my point of view, where I grew up which was Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull... bands that were pushing the envelope a little- musically and in production. - Kip Winger

Idioms for envelope:

  1. on the back of an envelope
  2. push the envelope
  3. push ( the edge of) the envelope
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