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Spell Check of juxtaposition

Correct spelling: juxtaposition

Definition of juxtaposition:

  1. A position side by side, apposition, contiguity.
  2. The state of being placed in nearness or contiguity.

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Examples of usage for juxtaposition:

  1. A writer exhibits clear and undeniable differences between two American tribes in geographical juxtaposition to one another. – The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies by Robert Gordon Latham

Quotes for juxtaposition:

  1. Well, I know, after all, it is only juxtaposition, Juxtaposition, in short; and what is juxtaposition?
  2. I like the construction of sentences and the juxtaposition of words -not just how they sound or what they mean, but even what they look like.
  3. I think we are all slightly down in the dumps after another loss. We may be in the wrong sign... Venus may be in the wrong juxtaposition with somewhere else.
  4. The taste for quotations( and for the juxtaposition of incongruous quotations) is a Surrealist taste.
  5. I have suffered a great deal from writers who have quoted this or that sentence of mine either out of its context or in juxtaposition to some incongruous matter which quite distorted my meaning, or destroyed it altogether.