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How To Spell loch?

Correct spelling: loch

List of misspellings for loch:

  • oloch,
  • logh,
  • lmch,
  • lpoch,
  • locgh,
  • l0och,
  • lohc,
  • llch,
  • locu,
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What does the abbreviation loch mean?

Related words for loch

John Loch


John Loch was a Member of Parliament for Hythe and Chairman of the East India Company. He was the second son of George Loch of Drylaw, Edinburgh. He joined the marine service of the East India company and also served as a volunteer with the Royal Navy. In 1800 he served on Lord St.

Loch Bracadale


Loch in Scotland

Loch Bracadale is a sea loch on the west coast of Skye in Scotland. Loch Bracadale and its associated inner lochs - Harport, Vatten, Caroy, Bharcasaig, na Faolinn and Loch Beag - form one of the largest areas of semi-enclosed inshore waters around the Skye coast.

Loch Castle


Castle in Nittendorf, Germany

Loch Castle is a protected ruin in the municipality of Loch in the Bavarian market borough of Nittendorf. It is also the symbol of Eichhofen, a village within the borough.

Loch Crinan


Loch Crinan is a seawater loch on the West of Scotland, leading into the Sound of Jura and being the western end of the Crinan Canal. The village of Crinan is at the entrance to the canal at the eastern end of the loch. Duntrune Castle stands on the northern shore. The River Add goes into it by the hamlet of Bellanoch. It contains the islets of An-unalin, Black Rock, Eilean dà Mhèinn, Eilean Glas, and Eilean nan Coinean.

Loch Neldricken


Loch in Scotland

Loch Neldricken is a loch in Galloway to the south-east of Merrick, south of Craig Neldricken and west of Craignaw. The loch is almost bisected by a long promontory.

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Examples of usage for loch:

  1. He had dared the depths of many a dark loch before he left his native mountains for the coast, and at Leith he had always been one of the first to take a dip in the spring, and one of the last to give it up in the autumn.
  2. Arra, dear shoy, the priest knows where it is, but I do not, but the Pope of Rome keeps the outer- port, Shaint Patrick the inner- port, and gives us a direction of the way to Shaint Patrick's palace, which stands on the head of the Stalian loch where I'll have no more to do but chap at the gate.
  3. Again, in Irish literature, we read of a loch luchra or 'lake of the pygmies'. – The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans Wentz

Rhymes for loch:

  1. hock, doc, brock, frock, chok, kok, vlok, stock, lok, locke, floc, mach, bloc, brok, caulk, roc, hoch, schlock, block, broc, pock, roch, bloch, croc, chock, boch, walk, kroc, bach, jacques, bok, hoc, mok, shock, kloc, poch, crock, och, rock, sok, sock, flock, chalk, knock, glock, lock, wok, smock, krock, tock, mock, haak, bock, blok, spock, dock, clock, jock, nock;
  2. o'clock, iraq, undock, restock, isaak, unlock, bangkok;
  3. overstock, antiknock, interlock;

Translations for loch:

German words for Loch

Loch, See.

Korean word for Loch

로크 네.

Marathi word for Loch


Spanish words for Loch

lago, locellate.

Vietnamese word for Loch