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Correct spelling: loch

Definition of loch:

  1. A lake; an arm of the sea.

Common misspellings for loch:

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What does the abbreviation loch mean?

LOCH abbreviation definitions:
–  Legend Of Condor Heroes
–  Legend of the Condor Heroes

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Examples of usage for loch:

  1. He had dared the depths of many a dark loch before he left his native mountains for the coast, and at Leith he had always been one of the first to take a dip in the spring, and one of the last to give it up in the autumn. –  by
  2. Arra, dear shoy, the priest knows where it is, but I do not, but the Pope of Rome keeps the outer- port, Shaint Patrick the inner- port, and gives us a direction of the way to Shaint Patrick's palace, which stands on the head of the Stalian loch where I'll have no more to do but chap at the gate. –  by
  3. Again, in Irish literature, we read of a loch luchra or 'lake of the pygmies'. – The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans Wentz

Rhymes for loch:

  1. hock, doc, brock, frock, chok, kok, vlok, stock, lok, locke, floc, mach, bloc, brok, caulk, roc, hoch, schlock, block, broc, pock, roch, bloch, croc, chock, boch, walk, kroc, bach, jacques, bok, hoc, mok, shock, kloc, poch, crock, och, rock, sok, sock, flock, chalk, knock, glock, lock, wok, smock, krock, tock, mock, haak, bock, blok, spock, dock, clock, jock, nock;
  2. o'clock, iraq, undock, restock, isaak, unlock, bangkok;
  3. overstock, antiknock, interlock;