How To Spell malice?

Correct spelling: malice

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What are the rhymes for malice?

  1. callus, dallas, callous, ballasts, palace, balas, pallas, alice, gallus;
  2. daedalus, prothallus;
  3. digitalis, borealis;

What are the translations for malice?

Bengali word for Malice


Chinese words for Malice

惡意, 恶行.

Dutch words for Malice

boosaardigheid, boosheid, kwaadwilligheid, kwaadaardigheid, venijn.

French words for Malice

malveillance, intention malicieuse, intention malveillante, intention de nuire.

German words for Malice

Vorsatz, Groll, Arglist, Boshaftigkeit, Bosheit, Heimtücke, Häme, Böswilligkeit, Schädigungsabsicht, Niedertracht, Bösartigkeit.

Italian word for Malice


Japanese words for Malice

悪意, 毒, 鈎, あくい, 悪気, 害意, がいしん, 害心, 鉤, がいい, 他意, わるぎ, 犯意, はんい.

Malay word for Malice

Niat jahat.

Norwegian word for Malice


Polish word for Malice


Spanish word for Malice


Swedish word for Malice


Tamil word for Malice


Turkish word for Malice


Ukrainian word for Malice


Vietnamese word for Malice

tánh tinh nghịch.