How To Spell mourn?

Correct spelling: mourn

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What are the rhymes for mourn?

  1. morn, dorn, bourne, bjoern, scorn, horn, bjorn, thorne, warn, radborne, sworn, bourn, lorne, born, torn, korn, worn, orn, corn, thorn, shorn, borne, unborn, reborn, stillborn, wellborn;
  2. forlorn, forsworn, lowborn, adorn;

What are the translations for mourn?

Afrikaans word for Mourn


Arabic word for Mourn


Bengali word for Mourn

শোক প্রকাশ করা.

Chinese words for Mourn

悼, 悼念, 哀悼, 追悼, 致哀, 悲悼, 伤悼.

Dutch words for Mourn

betreuren, rouwen, treuren, bewenen, weeklagen.

French words for Mourn

pleurer, sentir, faire le deuil de, être en deuil, pleurer la mort de, porter le deuil, être endeuillé.

German words for Mourn

klagen, nachtrauern, betrauern, beklagen, beweinen, Trauer tragen, in Trauer gehen.

Greek word for Mourn


Italian word for Mourn


Japanese word for Mourn


Javanese word for Mourn


Malay word for Mourn


Marathi word for Mourn

शोक करा.

Norwegian word for Mourn


Portuguese word for Mourn

estar de luto.

Russian word for Mourn


Spanish words for Mourn

lamentar, llorar, lamentarse por, guardar luto, estar de luto, llevar luto, estar de duelo.

Swedish word for Mourn


Tamil word for Mourn


Turkish word for Mourn

yas tutmak.

Ukrainian word for Mourn


Vietnamese word for Mourn

thương tiếc.