How To Spell outdo?

Correct spelling: outdo

What is the definition of outdo?

  1. To surpass; excel; as, he tried to outdo his opponents.

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What are the usage examples for outdo?

  1. As long as they outdo one another in the wild chase of frivolity and seek in the industrial work of the nation only a stronghold for their rights and not a fountain spring of duties, as long as they want to enjoy instead of to believe, this inner change can never come in the community. – Psychology and Social Sanity by Hugo Münsterberg
  2. Then he had grown up, and the sullen determination to outdo his brother in everything had got possession of his strong nature. – Paul Patoff by F. Marion Crawford

What are the rhymes for outdo?

  1. dew, poo, gue, joo, due, hoo, kew, threw, glew, ewe, hu, spew, bleu, moo, lou, du, coups, pu, boo, lieu, pooh, skew, glue, fu, yew, pugh, pew, clue, strew, doo, u, foo, mew, shoo, douwe, coo, knew, lu, lue, shu, mu, grew, tu, hsu, zhu, tue, thru, leu, drew, ooh, sioux, rue, siew, yu, brew, two, phu, new, gu, gnu, chou, thuy, coup, soo, view, hew, you, pru, zhou, chu, qu, flew, flue, true, hue, who, slew, vue, wu, yoo, uwe, koo, prue, loo, cou, dru, too, zue, woo, lew, jue, ou, xue, xu, stew, trew, ku, sue, few, pou, stu, chiu, shrew, zoo, shoe, crew, hewe, phew, vu, through, ru, que, thew, cue, blew, hou, liu, blue, queue, flu, kyu, nu, screw, su, whew, beu, rew, shew, yue, chew, hugh, q, jew, tew, ju, crewe, do, goo;
  2. kwangju, purdue, kazoo, cebu, redo, review, anew, leroux, adieu, into, liou, ague, fitzhugh, askew, mchugh, canoe, imbue, unglue, pursue, larue, taboo, subdue, undo, abou, shampoo, bamboo, fondue, debut, reto, m2, baku, ragu, revue, peru, ensue, untrue, miscue, undue, wahoo, withdrew, babu, perdue, tattoo, ado, eschew, c2, tatu, cat-2, construe, zanu, renew, accrue, outgrew, urdu;
  3. katmandu, depardieu, overthrew, kangaroo, isu, timbuktu, hitherto, overdue, misconstrue, overdo, byu, suu, iou;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;

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làm hơn.