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How To Spell overdue?

Correct spelling: overdue

Definition of overdue:

  1. past due; not paid at the scheduled time; "an overdue installment"; "a delinquent account"

List of misspellings for overdue:

  • oveture,
  • overtun,
  • overide,
  • avemue,
  • overdu3,
  • overtune,
  • 0overdue,
  • overode,
  • orferd,
  • overdus,
  • oevre,
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  • ocerdue,
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  • evethough,
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This graph shows how "overdue" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for overdue:

  1. lu, foo, leu, hugh, stew, su, gnu, yu, hu, yue, zoo, ooh, ou, crew, strew, hou, drew, cou, shoo, chu, thuy, grew, pou, spew, vu, kew, whew, tue, gu, view, que, queue, thru, sioux, new, shew, beu, crewe, zhou, u, clue, coup, shrew, mu, coups, do, blew, sue, pugh, two, flew, too, fu, few, bleu, liu, jue, shu, dew, xue, tu, gue, pooh, glew, phu, wu, douwe, pu, coo, shoe, threw, stu, ju, ewe, hewe, moo, hew, due, flu, lue, through, cue, joo, mew, q, soo, glue, lou, screw, kyu, blue, lieu, lew, you, loo, boo, zhu, pru, doo, jew, poo, hsu, trew, chou, ku, hue, brew, flue, xu, true, dru, who, prue, pew, du, yoo, qu, vue, slew, woo, goo, rew, rue, nu, chiu, ru, siew, zue, phew, skew, yew, koo, thew, chew, hoo, knew, uwe, tew;
  2. construe, bamboo, undue, kazoo, tattoo, ague, tatu, debut, redo, withdrew, review, ragu, c2, shampoo, fondue, canoe, ensue, subdue, babu, outgrew, wahoo, revue, unglue, kwangju, mchugh, urdu, outdo, perdue, adieu, eschew, untrue, larue, purdue, anew, undo, renew, peru, into, liou, ado, fitzhugh, leroux, m2, baku, miscue, abou, cebu, taboo, pursue, cat-2, zanu, imbue, reto, askew, accrue;
  3. iou, isu, overthrew, timbuktu, depardieu, misconstrue, overdo, suu, katmandu, byu, hitherto, kangaroo;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;

Translations for overdue:

Afrikaans word for Overdue


Arabic word for Overdue

فَاتَ مَوعِدُ استِحْقَاقِهِ.

Bengali word for Overdue


Chinese word for Overdue


French words for Overdue

tardif, retardataire, impayé.

German words for Overdue

ausstehend, überfällig.

Greek word for Overdue


Hindi word for Overdue


Italian word for Overdue


Javanese word for Overdue


Korean word for Overdue


Malay word for Overdue


Marathi word for Overdue


Norwegian word for Overdue


Portuguese words for Overdue

moroso, ultrapassado.

Russian words for Overdue

просроченный, запоздалый, опаздывающий.

Spanish words for Overdue

pendiente, atrasado, vencido, retrasado, tardío, esperado, tardía, sobrepasado, retardado, caducado.

Tamil word for Overdue


Turkish word for Overdue

vadesi geçmiş.

Ukrainian word for Overdue


Vietnamese word for Overdue

quá hạn.