How To Spell peace?

Correct spelling: peace

What does the abbreviation peace mean?


Peace as a girl's name is of Middle English origin. Not strictly a virtue name.
  • Paz,
  • Paza.

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What are the quotes for peace?

  1. When you can whip any man in the world, you never know peace.
  2. We must all make peace so that we can all live in peace.
  3. We make war that we may live in peace.
  4. The purpose of all wars, is peace.
  5. The purpose of all war is peace.

What are the rhymes for peace?

  1. feasts, niece, leece, fleece, speece, gees, cease, leese, suisse, neiss, geese, grease, pease, nice, priests, crease, reece, rease, piece, seis, cece, tese, greece, reese, lease;
  2. caprice, decrease, denise, patrice, luis, matisse, elise, edris, devries, release, decease, apiece, increase, obese, markese, denice, aris, felice, police, tunis, audris, cerise, clarice, bernice, maryse, maurice;
  3. vietnamese;

What are the translations for peace?

Afrikaans words for Peace

vrede, orde.

Arabic word for Peace


Bengali word for Peace


Chinese words for Peace

和, 和平, 安.

Dutch words for Peace

rust, kalmte.

French words for Peace

repos, paix.

German words for Peace

Ruhe, Frieden, Friede, Eintracht.

Italian word for Peace


Japanese words for Peace

平和, 平安, 和平, 講和, 無事, こうわ, 和戦, 媾和, 和睦, ぶじ, わせん, わぼく.

Javanese word for Peace


Malay word for Peace


Polish words for Peace

cisza, Paź.

Portuguese words for Peace

tranqüilidade, sossego, repouso.

Russian word for Peace


Spanish words for Peace

calma, tranquilidad, paz, sosiego.

Swedish word for Peace


Turkish word for Peace


Ukrainian word for Peace


Vietnamese word for Peace

sự yên tĩnh.