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How To Spell reparation?

Correct spelling: reparation

List of misspellings for reparation:

  • repatration,
  • resperation,
  • prearation,
  • prepration,
  • spearation,
  • repitution,
  • repuation,
  • preparatioin,
  • coparation,
  • recuporation,
  • remumiration,
  • prepraration,
  • reperating,
  • coraporation,
  • apparation,
  • reptation,
  • represnation,
  • reporcution,
  • crepitiation,
  • resparation,
  • reparrations,
  • coropiration,
  • repetion,
  • represion,
  • prepareation,
  • repeatation,
  • properation,
  • prpearation,
  • reproction,
  • repostion,
  • represtation,
  • separartion,
  • proprtion,
  • repiration,
  • epiration,
  • repracusion,
  • preparetion,
  • vararation,
  • seporation,
  • raparian,
  • serperation,
  • repurtation,
  • preparition,
  • rereation,
  • preparaation,
  • saparation,
  • reppression,
  • perparation,
  • reatoration,
  • repeation,
  • pereparation,
  • oparation,
  • orporation,
  • repition,
  • opearation,
  • preperatioin,
  • reprssion,
  • prepreation,
  • reputtion,
  • reparartions,
  • coropration,
  • sepperation,
  • prepararion,
  • reperations,
  • recration,
  • recuparation,
  • respiuration,
  • reption,
  • raparation,
  • reseration,
  • separationg,
  • resporation,
  • repution,
  • repertition,
  • prepearation,
  • reumeration,
  • reperation,
  • repuatation,
  • prparation,
  • preprtion,
  • retoration,
  • recereation,
  • perperation,
  • peparation,
  • seperation,
  • preparartion,
  • sepration,
  • preparationn,
  • preaparation,
  • preperation,
  • repeition,
  • sepereation,
  • coapration,
  • repartation,
  • recoperation,
  • reprecation,
  • tranporation,
  • deporation,
  • corparation,
  • coroparation.

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Rhymes for reparation:

  1. deregulation, dehydration, unionization, aviation, demoralization, continuation, examination, inhalation, pressurization, mummification, propagation, horatian, decoration, demodulation, miniaturization, urbanization, industrialization, permutation, intimidation, computerization, anticipation, adaptation, perforation, rumination, alteration, conflagration, inactivation, insubordination, conglomeration, exhilaration, assimilation, incorporation, reaffiliation, constipation, experimentation, orientation, fixation, renunciation, destination, combination, discrimination, evaluation, mitigation, neutralization, precipitation, deforestation, germination, disinflation, imitation, annihilation, exasperation, arbitration, articulation, specification, incrimination, dedication, rehydration, desalinization, ramification, obligation, recreation, inclination, exacerbation, revelation, damnation, authentication, preservation, disqualification, monopolization, menstruation, adjudication, exhortation, dalmatian, domestication, radiation, rationalization, inauguration, hyperinflation, destabilization, mediation, disintegration, calibration, information, nonproliferation, demarcation, declaration, cooperation, electrification, illumination, gentrification, reaffirmation, termination, congratulation, amortization, imputation, mutation, procreation, integration, nomination, centralization, origination, modification, syndication, avocation, accumulation, aspiration, presentation, gradation, separation, indication, consultation, visitation, deliberation, operation, hospitalization, classification, ordination, collectivization, dilatation, confabulation, contemplation, renovation, computation, westernization, multiplication, palpitation, flirtation, gratification, plantation, population, incrustation, indentation, rehabilitation, miseration, diversification, obfuscation, reiteration, criminalization, jubilation, indexation, estimation, exploitation, magnification, location, isolation, reputation, glaciation, tribulation, transformation, reconciliation, regeneration, occupation, rectification, transportation, respiration, rejuvenation, transillumination, provocation, civilization, consternation, compensation, summation, ejaculation, gastrulation, decertification, perspiration, migration, demobilization, enumeration, manipulation, desolation, extermination, cancellation, contamination, vindication, legislation, annotation, delegation, segregation, augmentation, expropriation, pagination, misrepresentation, formation, reformation, dissipation, duplication, explication, telecommunication, inflammation, recuperation, hydration, recalculation, illustration, intonation, authorization, hydrogenation, complication, approximation, pasteurization, renegotiation, maximization, condemnation, tabulation, excommunication, initiation, incarnation, naturalization, insemination, inspiration, reclamation, inflation, limitation, documentation, degeneration, configuration, fibrillation, invocation, reclassification, politicization, alienation, exhalation, affirmation, misapplication, relocation, dissociation, application, ossification, creation, indemnification, affectation, implantation, amelioration, ovation, amplification, regulation, expectation, culmination, confirmation, nationalization, mineralization, perpetuation, masturbation, malformation, correlation, mobilization, reinterpretation, fluctuation, misidentification, installation, incantation, harmonization, ionization, gestation, misinterpretation, differentiation, embarkation, generalization, fluoridation, suburbanization, consolation, devaluation, usurpation, suffocation, ostentation, figuration, fumigation, dispensation, balkanization, appellation, dissemination, popularization, narration, connotation, solicitation, interpretation, emigration, relaxation, maturation, fermentation, sophistication, insulation, notation, sanitation, deflation, proration, defamation, negotiation, insinuation, localization, compilation, repudiation, certification, impregnation, medication, violation, stalinization, molestation, pronunciation, miscalculation, consummation, explanation, alleviation, taxation, deceleration, exoneration, excitation, ratification, decontamination, improvisation, nucleation, inoculation, gravitation, designation, inundation, organisation, excavation, undervaluation, commemoration, modernization, sequestration, nullification, exaggeration, incubation, indoctrination, laceration, modulation, oxidation, duration, machination, mutilation, recrimination, infestation, intensification, reexamination, incoordination, intimation, mechanization, substantiation, desegregation, coagulation, quotation, preparation, deviation, depredation, justification, nondiscrimination, reforestation, refutation, unification, recitation, disinclination, infiltration, visualization, divination, disorganization, replication, proliferation, renomination, investigation, levitation, irrigation, miscreation, conversation, revitalization, hesitation, vibration, discontinuation, titillation, allegation, oration, adulation, sedation, pigmentation, polarization, stagnation, adoration, russification, detoxification, preoccupation, degradation, negation, emulation, misappropriation, allocation, liberation, retaliation, affiliation, gasification, elongation, overvaluation, corporation, denunciation, decapitation, dilation, amputation, normalization, confiscation, indignation, exhumation, calculation, recertification, agitation, implementation, collaboration, consecration, admiration, litigation, emanation, victimization, observation, securitization, cultivation, filtration, glorification, misinformation, temptation, salvation, remuneration, determination, dramatization, clarification, irradiation, expiration, retardation, resignation, evacuation, characterization, reconfiguration, overpopulation, commendation, reflation, stipulation, pacification, irritation, ventilation, evaporation, speculation, saponification, segmentation, foliation, deification, notification, amalgamation, edification, dehumanization, triangulation, ligation, reunification, cogitation, habitation, flotation, categorization, affrication, depreciation, communication, deportation, relation, motivation, concentration, education, immigration, argumentation, vaccination, formulation, prostration, emancipation, ministration, gyration, prognostication, convocation, concatenation, confrontation, evocation, hallucination, democratization, reverberation, procrastination, stimulation, invalidation, subluxation, bifurcation, subsidization, codification, ornamentation, realization, predestination, donation, escalation, reauthorization, devastation, infatuation, privatization, valuation, sedimentation, sterilization, appropriation, punctuation, marginalization, graduation, vaporization, capitulation, exploration, desalination, sanctification, dictation, optation, instrumentation, corroboration, organization, simulation, pollination, simplification, revaluation, intoxication, christianization, restoration, qualification, coloration, starvation, exclamation, reservation, innovation, expatriation, incarceration, appalachian, granulation, repatriation, vilification, interrogation, standardization, distillation, disinformation, personification, privation, liberalization, reinvigoration, ovulation, impersonation, refrigeration, conservation, equalization, identification, automation, prefabrication, hibernation, colonization, demonstration, perturbation, immunization, meditation, dislocation, disembarkation, cohabitation, inhabitation, trepidation, instigation, moderation, equitation, advocation, utilization, probation, vacation, vacillation, fascination, personalization, conciliation, conjugation, socialization, premeditation, approbation, redecoration, disputation, optimization, legalization, equivocation, nitration, stabilization, variation, delineation, facilitation, echolocation, hybridization, participation, crustacean, vocation, specialization, sensation, reincarnation, fabrication, demonization, incapacitation, elation, federation, depravation, condensation, remediation, pontification, domination, agglomeration, sarmatian, deprivation, invitation, vulgarization, quantification, eradication, registration, desperation, strangulation, detonation, animation, denomination, extrapolation, corp, subordination, reevaluation, reorganization, celebration, desecration, protestation, decentralization, fortification, implication, manifestation, elevation, disorientation, rotation, situation, imagination, consolidation, miscommunication, verification, falsification, validation, fertilization, lactation, globalization, humiliation, assassination, orchestration, purification, privatisation, resuscitation, translation, transplantation, proclamation, desiccation, deformation, libration, exfoliation, representation, cremation, toleration, rededication, consideration, saturation, recantation, generation, regimentation, appreciation, reallocation, denationalization, association, coordination, reconsideration, commercialization, stagflation, fragmentation, publication, liquidation, confederation, revocation, foundation, coronation, reconfirmation, magnetization, dissertation, profanation, altercation, aggravation, depopulation, vegetation, congregation, oscillation, derivation, discoloration, communization, importation, croatian, annexation, recommendation, self-congratulation, elimination, backwardation, lubrication, constellation, elaboration, navigation, frustration;
  2. haitian, ration, station, nation;
  3. carnation, castration, cessation, alsatian, citation, causation, cetacean;
  4. activation, accusation, aberration, abrogation, abdication, acclimation;
  5. abomination, acceleration, accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation;
  6. acidification, capitalization, cannibalization, alphabetization;
  7. americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for reparation:

Dutch words for Reparation

reparatie, herstel, schadevergoeding, genoegdoening, schadeloosstelling.

French words for Reparation

compensation, réparation, dédommagement, indemnisation.

German words for Reparation

Ersatz, Wiedergutmachung, Reparatur, Ausbesserung, Reparationen, Wiedergutmachungsleistung.

Italian word for Reparation


Japanese words for Reparation

弁償金, 代償, 補償金, 慰謝料, いしゃりょう.

Javanese word for Reparation


Malay word for Reparation


Norwegian word for Reparation


Polish word for Reparation


Swedish word for Reparation


Tamil word for Reparation

நஷ்ட ஈடு.