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How To Spell restoration?

Correct spelling: restoration

Definition of restoration:

  1. the reign of Charles II in England; 1660-1685

List of misspellings for restoration:

  • regesitration,
  • regtistration,
  • regritration,
  • regsteration,
  • reinstalation,
  • regerstration,
  • resterashion,
  • resotation,
  • regitration,
  • restrations,
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  • restrection,
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  • restoraition,
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  • restricion,
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  • regesteration,
  • rsgistration,
  • resgitration,
  • distoration,
  • cosideration,
  • prentration,
  • fustraition,
  • regustration,
  • rescrition,
  • restauration,
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  • resoration,
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  • fustration,
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  • resveration,
  • reigstration,
  • regastration,
  • dehtdration,
  • residenrtial.

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This graph shows how "restoration" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for restoration:

  1. I have met with some remarks, published in 1743, wherein the author observes, " That Birmingham, at the restoration probably consisted only of three streets." – An History of Birmingham (1783) by William Hutton

Quotes for restoration:

  1. America's present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration.
  2. If he's chasing the full restoration of his legacy, he's chasing something that he really can't get.
  3. And then, build a bustling wonderful city of the 21st century, with a restoration of a spectacular skyline, which Manhattan, of course, needs. So, that is really the design as a whole.
  4. Throughout history no one has suffered more than God. He has suffered because his own children fell away from him. Ever since the Fall, God has been working tirelessly for the restoration of mankind. People do not know this brokenhearted aspect of God.
  5. Restoration I did because I really loved e novel and I like Michael Hoffman, who directed it, but it wasn't a really challenging part for me. I'm not critical of the film: I just don't think I gave a very interesting performance.

Rhymes for restoration:

  1. motivation, communication, regulation, criminalization, imitation, facilitation, confirmation, allocation, libration, allegation, expectation, violation, misidentification, foundation, sanitation, ramification, desegregation, redecoration, expiration, reinterpretation, dilatation, denunciation, destabilization, extrapolation, backwardation, delineation, congratulation, variation, commemoration, inhalation, fragmentation, rededication, organisation, manifestation, inclination, echolocation, legislation, exacerbation, culmination, detonation, liberalization, hyperinflation, recitation, cooperation, proclamation, contamination, mechanization, deforestation, appalachian, renomination, horatian, impregnation, decontamination, consecration, celebration, inflammation, calibration, decoration, purification, fumigation, unification, dissipation, permutation, desalinization, repudiation, dispensation, meditation, preoccupation, invocation, reinvigoration, conversation, explanation, assimilation, alteration, amalgamation, instigation, communization, duplication, adaptation, information, intonation, infiltration, domination, denationalization, convocation, rejuvenation, humiliation, prostration, escalation, dehumanization, croatian, dalmatian, dislocation, immigration, reevaluation, substantiation, perturbation, coloration, negation, evocation, computerization, eradication, creation, argumentation, deregulation, profanation, masturbation, damnation, excitation, identification, expatriation, pasteurization, indexation, lactation, segmentation, depredation, evaporation, ejaculation, diversification, modification, revelation, usurpation, dissemination, collaboration, triangulation, colonization, origination, conflagration, avocation, revaluation, aspiration, application, migration, coronation, location, incoordination, subordination, reallocation, registration, demonstration, narration, sensation, granulation, indentation, toleration, unionization, cultivation, adulation, devastation, nitration, computation, consolidation, disinclination, ratification, standardization, renunciation, christianization, disinformation, procrastination, irradiation, edification, installation, demoralization, reflation, specialization, implication, compilation, centralization, taxation, amputation, innovation, incubation, resignation, insinuation, exasperation, termination, excavation, appropriation, distillation, combination, rehydration, emanation, separation, fabrication, nullification, perforation, flirtation, limitation, discrimination, demonization, multiplication, transillumination, fluctuation, germination, ornamentation, monopolization, documentation, orchestration, incarnation, quantification, commendation, pagination, intimidation, destination, proliferation, rumination, exploration, categorization, invalidation, differentiation, authorization, figuration, reconsideration, gentrification, deflation, starvation, fortification, aggravation, deportation, reorganization, modernization, exploitation, altercation, situation, irrigation, compensation, equitation, levitation, misrepresentation, education, intimation, miscommunication, contemplation, rectification, gradation, graduation, sanctification, mummification, preservation, consummation, stabilization, authentication, laceration, arbitration, participation, elimination, frustration, temptation, fluoridation, securitization, constellation, infatuation, inundation, cremation, decapitation, dissociation, importation, qualification, gasification, articulation, stagnation, reunification, depreciation, inhabitation, malformation, reauthorization, reconciliation, segregation, amortization, recantation, presentation, connotation, speculation, representation, disorganization, occupation, corp, examination, incrimination, mobilization, desperation, filtration, simplification, obfuscation, elation, reputation, justification, confederation, imputation, replication, liberation, sedation, exhilaration, conservation, refutation, annihilation, industrialization, modulation, notation, vacation, emigration, incorporation, automation, deviation, undervaluation, depopulation, incapacitation, magnetization, misinformation, subsidization, affiliation, ventilation, summation, regimentation, relation, isolation, exoneration, vindication, oxidation, irritation, derivation, titillation, revocation, dehydration, palpitation, urbanization, classification, pollination, infestation, corporation, misappropriation, miscreation, gyration, population, disputation, experimentation, sedimentation, reconfirmation, aviation, exhortation, deceleration, assassination, calculation, consolation, deliberation, preparation, litigation, rehabilitation, approximation, procreation, enumeration, demodulation, maturation, disqualification, animation, hydrogenation, duration, invitation, plantation, menstruation, agglomeration, demarcation, rationalization, resuscitation, mediation, affectation, utilization, denomination, nationalization, bifurcation, sequestration, civilization, ligation, pressurization, reverberation, remuneration, certification, vilification, imagination, equivocation, amplification, sarmatian, publication, corroboration, cancellation, ovation, polarization, nomination, generation, localization, revitalization, affrication, alleviation, federation, insemination, stagflation, cohabitation, syndication, democratization, confiscation, popularization, deformation, indication, illumination, politicization, crustacean, miseration, personalization, reclassification, determination, renovation, appellation, reexamination, ossification, gratification, reincarnation, simulation, trepidation, extermination, degeneration, overvaluation, emulation, exaggeration, recalculation, devaluation, electrification, visualization, accumulation, mutilation, vaccination, self-congratulation, exclamation, hydration, approbation, discoloration, indignation, consideration, suffocation, optimization, nucleation, fertilization, realization, clarification, gravitation, recreation, depravation, conciliation, collectivization, observation, transformation, hibernation, gestation, precipitation, elongation, recuperation, glaciation, fixation, refrigeration, ordination, congregation, pontification, propagation, advocation, privation, reiteration, dedication, specification, negotiation, orientation, lubrication, augmentation, mineralization, rotation, confabulation, liquidation, retardation, retaliation, perspiration, overpopulation, probation, impersonation, privatisation, embarkation, nondiscrimination, intensification, ovulation, mutation, vibration, reaffirmation, miscalculation, harmonization, incrustation, telecommunication, punctuation, initiation, emancipation, evaluation, saponification, stalinization, desalination, expropriation, miniaturization, pigmentation, optation, characterization, oscillation, exhumation, westernization, victimization, capitulation, alienation, incarceration, personification, vacillation, conjugation, adoration, premeditation, vegetation, admiration, gastrulation, dictation, nonproliferation, donation, sophistication, predestination, proration, instrumentation, deprivation, anticipation, misapplication, solicitation, coordination, relocation, designation, estimation, prefabrication, defamation, pacification, fermentation, verification, annexation, suburbanization, concentration, hybridization, disorientation, regeneration, condensation, ionization, navigation, concatenation, respiration, legalization, reservation, constipation, translation, subluxation, reforestation, interrogation, inspiration, glorification, disembarkation, configuration, normalization, radiation, indemnification, flotation, machination, inflation, conglomeration, quotation, appreciation, coagulation, integration, generalization, immunization, stimulation, desiccation, falsification, equalization, reparation, provocation, indoctrination, vaporization, valuation, naturalization, dramatization, agitation, hesitation, obligation, implantation, notification, repatriation, codification, formulation, maximization, reclamation, insulation, fibrillation, globalization, deification, declaration, vulgarization, desolation, remediation, investigation, salvation, operation, misinterpretation, strangulation, dissertation, inauguration, tabulation, demobilization, habitation, pronunciation, consultation, balkanization, disintegration, moderation, transportation, privatization, explication, vocation, stipulation, tribulation, molestation, affirmation, improvisation, desecration, visitation, disinflation, condemnation, prognostication, mitigation, delegation, hallucination, confrontation, formation, inoculation, divination, organization, magnification, insubordination, complication, reconfiguration, degradation, medication, annotation, recrimination, foliation, protestation, perpetuation, amelioration, relaxation, recertification, interpretation, hospitalization, ministration, discontinuation, russification, incantation, domestication, elevation, inactivation, continuation, association, exhalation, recommendation, adjudication, neutralization, illustration, ostentation, implementation, socialization, fascination, intoxication, saturation, reformation, detoxification, evacuation, manipulation, validation, excommunication, consternation, exfoliation, decentralization, jubilation, decertification, marginalization, elaboration, oration, reaffiliation, dilation, renegotiation, sterilization, cogitation, correlation, transplantation, commercialization;
  2. nation, station, haitian, ration;
  3. castration, cessation, alsatian, citation, causation, carnation, cetacean;
  4. abrogation, abdication, acclimation, aberration, activation, accusation;
  5. accreditation, abbreviation, acceleration, accommodation, abomination;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;