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How To Spell self?

Correct spelling: self

Definition of self:

  1. used as a combining form; relating to--of or by or to or from or for--the self; "self-knowledge"; "self-proclaimed"; "self-induced"

List of misspellings for self:

  • selg,
  • mself,
  • myserlf,
  • ehrself,
  • shilf,
  • sleev,
  • sleav,
  • selec,
  • myselve,
  • muyself,
  • realif,
  • myslef,
  • yourselff,
  • soif,
  • solfen,
  • youeself,
  • yourslef,
  • solft,
  • myselfi,
  • sitself,
  • oyurself,
  • myyself,
  • yoourself,
  • yielf,
  • selft,
  • tiself,
  • solf,
  • urself,
  • hisself,
  • selecy,
  • disulfe,
  • relif,
  • sealp,
  • you'rself,
  • someof,
  • yurself,
  • welf,
  • seeif,
  • youurself,
  • belf,
  • useulf,
  • theyself,
  • sely,
  • lelf,
  • splif,
  • thself,
  • toelf,
  • self've,
  • nmyself,
  • mysalf,
  • hersellf,
  • sulfar,
  • ourslef,
  • sufle,
  • sulfer,
  • thimself,
  • yself,
  • selr,
  • reliaf,
  • belif,
  • myswelf,
  • selfs,
  • nerself,
  • shealf,
  • silf,
  • sevo,
  • salfy,
  • hiself,
  • mahself,
  • hislife,
  • zolaft,
  • reilf,
  • selfe,
  • thelf,
  • myeself,
  • selle,
  • mylself,
  • homself,
  • forself,
  • lowself,
  • seell,
  • yourrself,
  • swelf,
  • selfih,
  • sefl,
  • seler,
  • ourselve,
  • mysellf,
  • welfar,
  • sizeof,
  • myselff,
  • myselfy,
  • scelra,
  • seelf,
  • selfes,
  • selece,
  • yourselve,
  • yoursaelf,
  • selef,
  • byself.

What does the abbreviation self mean?

Related words for self

David Self


American screenwriter

David Christopher Self is an American screenwriter best known as the author of the screenplays for the films The Haunting, Road to Perdition, and The Wolfman.

Jo Self


English artist

Jo Self is an English contemporary artist and poet.

Peter Self



Peter John Otter Self was an English journalist, academic, planning policy-maker and university teacher of planning. Born in Brighton to Henry Self, Self was educated at Lancing College and then Balliol College, Oxford, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Post Self


Studio album by Godflesh

Post Self is the eighth studio album by English industrial metal band Godflesh. It was released on 17 November 2017 through frontman Justin Broadrick's own record label, Avalanche Recordings.

Simply Self Storage



Simply Self Storage is one of the largest privately owned self-storage companies in the United States and Puerto Rico. Simply Self Storage has over 17 million square feet of storage space with over 200 operating self-storage facilities.

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This graph shows how "self" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for self:

  1. One of my problems is to find the self.
  2. You're either sexy or you're not. I'm very self -conscious about my physiognomy.
  3. Long before we understand ourselves through the process of self -examination, we understand ourselves in a self -evident way in the family, society and state in which we live.
  4. Every new adjustment is a crisis in self -esteem.
  5. Where everything is possible miracles become commonplaces, but the familiar ceases to be self -evident.

Rhymes for self:

  1. delph, selph, shelf, helf, elf;
  2. themself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself, itself, myself;
  3. ourself;

Translations for self:

Afrikaans word for Self


Chinese word for Self


Dutch words for Self

zelf, zichzelf.

French word for Self


German words for Self

selbst, ich, Auto, selber.

Hindi word for Self


Italian words for Self

io, sé.

Japanese words for Self

自己, セルフ, 自我, じが, しゅが, 主我.

Javanese word for Self


Korean word for Self


Latin word for Self


Marathi word for Self


Norwegian word for Self


Portuguese words for Self

personalidade, individualidade.

Russian word for Self


Spanish words for Self

yo, ser.

Swedish word for Self


Tamil word for Self


Ukrainian word for Self