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How To Spell speaker?

Correct spelling: speaker

List of misspellings for speaker:

  • spcae,
  • siapakah,
  • speakeer,
  • speakup,
  • speek,
  • spopke,
  • sepak,
  • speakw,
  • spaked,
  • speakr,
  • spinaker,
  • spaeakers,
  • spooker,
  • spakler,
  • speka,
  • speackers,
  • spake,
  • speakears,
  • spickey,
  • supermarker,
  • sepaert,
  • speakto,
  • aspergar,
  • speack,
  • spagethi,
  • spaeker,
  • spage,
  • speekers,
  • speader,
  • cheasapeake,
  • speache,
  • spaeak,
  • spagetthi,
  • speakout,
  • spealk,
  • spoeke,
  • spoike,
  • speker,
  • steake,
  • chesepeake,
  • speckers,
  • speggethi,
  • spakers,
  • sepakin,
  • speec,
  • speaken,
  • spekaer,
  • speaghitt,
  • spearker,
  • spaker,
  • spekers,
  • spoeak,
  • speakk,
  • speakes,
  • seaker,
  • speke,
  • spokew,
  • chespeake,
  • sepage,
  • sqeakey,
  • spocke,
  • speghetti,
  • spoakne,
  • spoaken,
  • sppoke,
  • seapk,
  • sperak,
  • specker,
  • cheaspeake,
  • speacker,
  • supercar,
  • sspeak,
  • speakeing,
  • spayer,
  • asperger,
  • speeak,
  • spoake,
  • sekker,
  • speler,
  • dosepak,
  • peaker,
  • sopeak,
  • cheseapeake,
  • spikey,
  • woopecker,
  • speacher,
  • speark,
  • speakin,
  • spken,
  • speare,
  • speacle,
  • speken,
  • speggitee,
  • spreaker,
  • speaker''s,
  • speakle,
  • ospeak,
  • speaked,
  • speake,
  • spoeken.

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James W. Husted


American lawyer

James William Husted was an American lawyer and politician, elected six times as Speaker of the New York State Assembly during his 22 years of service there. During his political career, he became known as the "Bald Eagle of Westchester".

The Shadow Speaker


Novel by Nnedi Okorafor

The Shadow Speaker, is a young adult, first-person novel by Nigerian-American writer Nnedi Okorafor, which takes place in the year 2070.

The Speaker


British television series

The Speaker is a 2009 British television series, broadcast on BBC Two. It is a talent show type series that aimed to find the best young speaker in the United Kingdom. The show is narrated by Jane Horrocks.

Turkish Parliament Speaker election, June–July 2015


The June–July 2015 Turkish Parliament Speaker Elections were held on June 30 and July 1 in order to elect the next Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

ZR Speaker Lab



ZR Speaker Lab is a small company based in Slovenia, Europe. It is specialized in production of only high-end, handmade speakers and audio devices. The production is limited.

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Quotes for speaker:

  1. Madam Speaker, it is time to halt illegal entry into this country. It is time to halt the flow of illegal drugs and weapons into this great Nation, and it is time to secure our borders.
  2. Mr. Speaker, the time for an increase in the minimum wage has not just arrived; it is long overdue.
  3. Mr. Speaker, genocide is the most potent of all crimes against humanity because it is an effort to systematically wipe out a people and a culture as well as individual lives.
  4. While you're writing, you can't concentrate nearly as well on what the speaker is saying.
  5. The sanity of the average banquet speaker lasts about two and a half months; at the end of that time he begins to mutter to himself, and calls out in his sleep.

Rhymes for speaker:

  1. sleeker, squeaker, streaker, seeker, leaker, meeker, weaker, sneaker;
  2. beaker, bleaker;

Translations for speaker:

Arabic word for Speaker

مُكَبِرُ الصَّوْت.

Chinese word for Speaker


Dutch words for Speaker

luidspreker, spreker, woordvoerder.

French words for Speaker

enceinte, interlocuteur, intervenant, orateur, conférencier, haut-parleur, locuteur, baffle, oratrice, speaker.

German words for Speaker

Box, Referent, Referentin, Lautsprecher, Sprecher, Redner, Sprecherin, Lautsprecherbox, Rednerin, Vortragender, Ansagerin.

Greek word for Speaker


Hindi word for Speaker


Italian words for Speaker

altoparlante, oratore, diffusore, relatore, conferenziere, cassa acustica.

Japanese word for Speaker


Korean word for Speaker


Malay word for Speaker


Marathi word for Speaker


Norwegian word for Speaker


Portuguese words for Speaker

falante, palestrante, alto-falante, expositor, interveniente, pregador, altifalante, microfone.

Spanish words for Speaker

orador, altavoz, hablante, locutor, interlocutor, portavoz, bocina, bafle, parlante, ponente, vocero, disertante, conferencista, oradora, locutora.

Swedish word for Speaker


Ukrainian word for Speaker


Vietnamese word for Speaker

diễn giả.