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How To Spell squeak?

Correct spelling: squeak

Definition of squeak:

  1. a short high-pitched noise; "the squeak of of shoes on powdery snow"

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Quotes for squeak:

  1. I am impelled, not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession.

Rhymes for squeak:

  1. freak, teak, leek, creek, meek, weak, teac, sikh, sneak, reek, cleek, leak, week, speak, seaq, paek, seek, wreak, eke, sheik, tweak, geek, pique, creak, peek, beak, clique, sleek, zeke, cheek, chic, shriek, peak, bleak, streak, sheikh, greek;
  2. bespeak, unique, misspeak, oblique, tariq, physique, belgique, batik, monique, respeak, critique, cacique, antique, technique, mystique, boutique, henrique;
  3. martinique, mozambique, veronique, dominique;
  4. geac;

Translations for squeak:

Arabic word for Squeak

يُطْلِقُ صَوْتآ قَصِّيراً حَاداً.

Bengali word for Squeak

চিঁ-চিঁ শব্দ.

Dutch word for Squeak


French words for Squeak

ranger, grincer, couiner, crisser, piailler.

German word for Squeak


Italian word for Squeak


Japanese words for Squeak

きしみ, ぎしぎし, きしきし, ぎいぎい, ぎーぎー, ギシギシ, キイキイ, キィキィ, きしり, キーキー.

Javanese word for Squeak


Korean word for Squeak

빽빽 울다.

Malay word for Squeak


Norwegian word for Squeak


Polish word for Squeak


Romanian word for Squeak

a chițăi.

Russian word for Squeak


Spanish words for Squeak

crujir, pipa, chirriar, chillar, rechinar, piar.

Ukrainian word for Squeak