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Correct spelling: suspicion


Definition of suspicion:

  1. Act of suspecting; imagination of the existence of something on slight or no proof; mistrust. See suspect.

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Examples of usage for suspicion:

  1. There is a slight suspicion that it is still occasionally called by its old name.
  2. You can not keep a suspicion of this nature secret in a house so full of people as this.
  3. She knew that her strenuous efforts were looked upon by some with suspicion.

Quotes for suspicion:

  1. A man should be just cultured enough to be able to look with suspicion upon culture at first, not second hand. - Samuel Butler
  2. While I do not suggest that humanity will ever be able to dispense with its martyrs, I cannot avoid the suspicion that with a little more thought and a little less belief their number may be substantially reduced. - John B. S. Haldane
  3. Let me remind you of the old maxim: people under suspicion are better moving than at rest, since at rest they may be sitting in the balance without knowing it, being weighed together with their sins. - Franz Kafka
  4. Suspicion is the cancer of friendship. - Petrarch
  5. We have made drugs an Olympic event. It receives most of the coverage at the Games and even the suspicion of guilt can ruin a reputation for life. - Bill Toomey

Idioms for suspicion:

  1. Caesar's wife must be above suspicion
  2. above suspicion
  3. under a cloud ( of suspicion)
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