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How To Spell valet?

Correct spelling: valet

What are the misspellings for valet ?

  • volet,
  • talet,
  • valient,
  • vallued,
  • valeter,
  • valery,
  • vallient,
  • valleta,
  • vilnet,
  • valit,
  • viletly,
  • veilvet,
  • walet,
  • vallet,
  • vualt,
  • vevlet,
  • valenter,
  • vaued,
  • vomet,
  • laelty,
  • valueand,
  • salet,
  • 9volt,
  • palet,
  • wallent,
  • valua,
  • vallley,
  • tarlett,
  • vality,
  • vailant,
  • vlley,
  • callet,
  • valt,
  • vallent,
  • violete,
  • varmit,
  • valided,
  • varoety,
  • violot,
  • viality,
  • velevt,
  • volicty,
  • valant,
  • violiet,
  • valuts,
  • valdity,
  • ralte,
  • varety,
  • voulebteer,
  • vallye,
  • volent,
  • whelt,
  • voilate,
  • valedate,
  • valted,
  • vauled,
  • vallely,
  • valif,
  • qwality,
  • velit,
  • valuta,
  • vaent,
  • vauely,
  • wailt,
  • valify,
  • valed,
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  • valild,
  • cahlet,
  • vilate,
  • vaule,
  • walket,
  • volient,
  • valetted,
  • marlet,
  • walllet,
  • valuye,
  • valad,
  • vilot,
  • varerty,
  • valleyt,
  • vacat,
  • valiere,
  • vloent,
  • voliet,
  • valled,
  • vailid,
  • falet,
  • valdes,
  • vialotile,
  • vavaldi,
  • vilet,
  • alet,
  • galeotti,
  • veloctiy,
  • valage,
  • barlet,
  • volitie,
  • valtile,
  • waweti.

What is the definition of valet?

  1. serve as a valet

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What are the quotes for valet?

  1. I didn't go to the lectures. My valet, who was more distinguished than I, went instead.
  2. Never relinquish clothing to a hotel valet without first specifically telling him that you want it back.
  3. To make money I picked up work as a busboy, valet parker, skateboard shop employee.
  4. The mind wears the colors of the soul, as a valet those of his master.

What are the rhymes for valet?

  1. sleigh, neigh, khe, hey, cray, quai, say, wey, blay, spray, nej, trey, waye, pay, klay, haye, nay, lay, gway, weigh, stay, j, daye, raye, pei, kaye, dray, faye, dey, gaye, maye, sway, brae, shea, prey, fey, dae, bey, they, saye, bay, bray, kay, pray, wy, tray, paye, jay, yay, ney, se, day, wei, cay, jaye, mae, play, de, hwe, ay, frey, ray, mei, rae, flay, slay, may, che, ae, sta, grey, lait, clay, quay, shay, gray, drey, sze, brey, hay, fe, ca, fray, fay, mey, lei, re, way, yea, vey, jae, tae, graye, tay, ne, ley, rey, k, wray, whey, stray;
  2. orsay, replay, millay, buffet, dismay, belay, calais, decay, parquet, ole, chalet, monet, cathay, bouquet, puree, nisei, beauvais, o'shea, olay, moray, hervey, oj, away, survey, manet, halfway, dossier, betray, bombay, renee, asay, rene, repay, toupee, carre, ga, cliche, mccrea, sergei, obey, ha, abbe, fillet, okay, sorbet, filet, hurray, convey, crochet, purvey, delray, risque, macrae, allay, portray, ballet, jose, da, b-j, astray, essay, display, passe, array, ek, croquet, defray, beret, souffle, mackay, nikkei, cache, mcveigh, gervais, cafe, hooray, dk, saute, today, prepay, levey, mckay, soiree, delay;
  3. overplay, underway, lyonnais, ekk, bouvier, underplay, disobey, cea, ita, fiance, overstay, bua, cabernet, ira, perrier, piaget, bta, disarray, faberge, cabaret, monterey, intraday, aaa, attache, jna, chevrolet, monterrey, dak, uva;
  4. naivete, ceta, hiaa, asea, noaa, foia, cabriolet, communique;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for valet?

Bengali word for Valet


Chinese word for Valet


Dutch words for Valet

bediende, parkeerbediende, hotelbediende, lijfknecht.

French words for Valet

valet, voiturier, valet de chambre, laquais.

German words for Valet

Diener, Kammerdiener, Hausdiener, Herrendiener, Hoteldiener.

Italian word for Valet


Korean word for Valet

주차 대행.

Norwegian word for Valet


Polish word for Valet


Portuguese word for Valet


Russian word for Valet


Spanish words for Valet

aparcacoches, guardacoches, ayuda de cámara.

Tamil word for Valet


Ukrainian word for Valet