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Spell Check of valet

Correct spelling: valet


Definition of valet:

  1. A man servant who attends on a gentleman's person.

Common misspellings for valet:

vallet, valent, valied, valey, valvet.

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This graph shows how "valet" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for valet:

  1. The valet at last ventured to remind him that he had forgotten the letter.
  2. I am absolutely alone, my valet de chambre stayed at Bayonne with a groom and three beautiful horses, which at Paris ought to pay the price of their journey as well as my own.
  3. The ranger was informed that his wife that was to be had allowed herself to be visited secretly by Kotinski's valet.

Quotes for valet:

  1. I didn't go to the lectures. My valet, who was more distinguished than I, went instead. - Witold Gombrowicz
  2. Never relinquish clothing to a hotel valet without first specifically telling him that you want it back. - Fran Lebowitz
  3. To make money I picked up work as a busboy, valet parker, skateboard shop employee. - David Spade
  4. The mind wears the colors of the soul, as a valet those of his master. - Anne Sophie Swetchine

Rhymes for valet:

  1. aaa, attache, bouvier, bta, bua, cabaret, cabernet, cea, chevrolet, dak, disarray, disobey, ekk, faberge, fiance, intraday, ira, ita, jna, lyonnais, monterey, monterrey, overplay, overstay, perrier, piaget, underplay, underway, uva.
  2. abbe, allay, array, asay, astray, away, b-j, ballet, beauvais, belay, beret, betray, bombay, bouquet, buffet, cache, cafe, calais, carre, cathay, chalet, cliche, convey, crochet, croquet, da, decay, defray, delay, delray, dismay, display, dk, dossier, ek, essay, filet, fillet, ga, gervais, ha, halfway, hervey, hooray, hurray, jose, levey, mackay, macrae, manet, mccrea, mckay, mcveigh, millay, monet, moray, nikkei, nisei, o'shea, obey, oj, okay, olay, ole, orsay, parquet, passe, portray, prepay, puree, purvey, rene, renee, repay, replay, risque, saute, sergei, soiree, sorbet, souffle, survey, today, toupee.
  3. ae, ay, bay, bey, blay, brae, bray, brey, ca, cay, che, clay, cray, dae, day, daye, de, dey, dray, drey, fay, faye, fe, fey, flay, fray, frey, gaye, gray, graye, grey, gway, hay, haye, hey, hwe, j, jae, jay, jaye, k, kay, kaye, khe, klay, lait, lay, lei, ley, mae, may, maye, mei, mey, nay, ne, neigh, nej, ney, pay, paye, pei, play, pray, prey, quai, quay, rae, ray, raye, re, rey, say, saye, se, shay, shea, slay, sleigh, spray, sta, stay, stray, sway, sze, tae, tay, they, tray, trey, vey, way, waye, wei, weigh, wey, whey, wray, wy, yay, yea.
  4. asea, cabriolet, ceta, communique, foia, hiaa, naivete, noaa.
  5. waga.
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